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So your dream to own a dog has finally come true. Congratulations paw-rent! It can be all fun and games for the first few days when you let the puppy get used to the place. But when it’s time for housebreaking, it can be challenging and frustrating for both you and the puppy.

You may face this, especially when potty training a stubborn puppy. Nowadays, with the changing nature of homes and surroundings, it can be difficult to afford and create the right situation for your dogs to grow and live without tantrums.           

When it comes to that lovable, stubborn puppy, they will not be patient or settle long enough to learn. The dog may also immediately forget the tricks once your training ends. But don’t give up; it is not a lost cause. 

You can do different things to get your puppy to behave, learn to make it a habit, and establish a potty routine. 

You have to follow some tricks and strategies for potty training a stubborn puppy. Here are a few tips that you and your puppy can work with:

Keep Up the Consistency

Different puppies from different breeds have their unique characteristics. Identify the characteristics of your puppy’s breed before starting with the training. Once the training is on, all you have to do is keep up with the consistency. 

From reward systems to specific routines, be consistent, and don’t miss out on them each day. Even the best-trained pups can sometimes relapse to bad behavior. So, even after your puppy

learns how to hold it and where to go, you mustn’t give up. 

Come Up With a Potty Routine

Most of the dog breeds are naturally habit-driven. So you must work on the potty break routine. Once your puppy gets a routine going, they will try their best to stick to it. 

It comes back to understanding different breeds and their holding capacities. Sync the potty break to the meal routine, and in no time, your puppy will follow it.

Begin With Crate Training

When it comes to potty training a stubborn puppy, one of the most effective working secrets is crate training. Unlike some people, dogs love to keep their spaces clean. So they won’t pee or poop in their crates, especially if it is where they hang out, play or sleep; it becomes a no-no place for potty.

Along with scheduled training, with the crate in the picture, your puppy will learn how to wait until they are let out for pottybreaks.

Buy Training Mats

Puppy with paw on eco-training pan!

If you have limited outdoor space, training mats can be your savior for potty training your stubborn puppy. You can buy comfortable outdoor-themed training pads, which will be made of soft faux grass. 

With outdoor-themed training mats involved, it will be effortless to transition from pads to outdoors thanks to the same visual cues of potty break spots.

Puppies are just babies, and some may take longer than others to potty train. And most importantly, punishment is not the right way to handle stubborn puppies. The only way you can help them is by being patient and consistent. 

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