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Being a working dog owner is not easy.

Leaving your favorite canine home because you have to go make a living is probably the hardest thing to do for a pet parent. You will walk out that door every morning feeling nothing but regret to leave an innocent doggo home alone.

A lonely doggo is never a happy doggo. So, to help make you feel less guilty for leaving your pup home, we have listed 5 ways to keep your pet busy while you are at work!

1. Television To The Rescue

You obviously don’t want your dog to feel lonely and bored when you are away.

The best way to keep the pup distracted and busy is to turn on the television. Dogs love to see other animals on TV. So, switch to Animal Planet or Discovery and you will see the difference. It’s a total pup-magnet.

Oh, you can also connect to ‘Netflix kids’ and let your pooch Netflix and chill!

Don’t forget to leave some munchies behind.

2. Let The Pup Enjoy A View

It doesn’t matter whether you have the best view of your house or not. Just pull up the blinders and let your fuzz-ball look outside and enjoy the view.

Closed rooms can make your beloved pet anxious and stressed. So, it’s often advised to leave the curtains open and let the sunlight come into the house when you have a dog home.

If the windows are too high for your puppy, just place a chair or a couch in front of the window for the little doggo to sit on. Also, before leaving, always make sure the windows are properly closed.

3. Games and Puzzles

Nothing excites dogs more than playtime, right?

Buy some stuffed toys or the ones which make sounds. Get a babble ball, or even a dog puzzle to keep your dog occupied.

Buy a kong and stuff it with peanut butter or your pet’s favorite treats to nibble on while you are grounded at work. 

4. Get Your Doggo A Friend

Ever thought of adopting another dog for your four-legged friend to play with?

Without you around, your dog can get lonely. So, getting another furry friend can really be helpful. They can play inside the house together and give each other company when you are not home.

5. Daycare For The Little Doggo

Got cash to spend? Enroll your canine in a day-care facility.

Dog’s really like playdates and goofing around with other pets. It’s high time you let your dog have a social life (under professional supervision, ofcourse), while you are busy making a career.

What are you waiting for? Plan your schedule and sign up for that doggy daycare already!

Wait, are you are on a budget? Then you can also hire a dog sitter or dog walker. It’s usually cheaper than high-end daycare facilities. They can take your dog out for walks to socialize and play with other dogs at the park.


Leaving your dog alone at home every day can make the little fellow feel lonely and anxious. It can also be quite risky to leave the furball unsupervised.

So, to avoid unwanted accidents, it is wiser to invest in pet safety gates. These barriers will keep your bud safe at home. Not only that, but you can also get pheromone calming dog spray, which will help your dog feel relaxed and less anxious when left alone at home.

Dogs don’t often express their discomfort or show their loneliness when you are gone. So, as a good pet parent, it’s your responsibility to look after your fur-baby’s needs and provide with the much-deserved love and care.

Author Bio:

Dristy is a content writer and a dating ghostwriter, with a caffeine-dependent life-form. She loves long walks by the beach and petting every doggo in the hood. Borderline social media addict but humble, with a hint of Kanye.

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