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If you’re thinking of getting a new puppy, you’ll want to learn all you can about the process. It is important to ensure that anyone with a dog knows all of the ins and outs so that you and your pup can be happy together for years! Below we will talk about what points to consider before dog training Boulder for the first time.

The household

Just like a human, the dog will have a home to live in. If someone is allergic to them or, in some other way, does not want them there, then this might not work out for you. However, most dogs do quite well in the company of others. It would help if you considered whether you and your pup will get along with each other and whether the dog is fine with being around children or older people.

The dog’s age

It is important to introduce any new puppy into your home properly, so it is crucial to ensure that their training begins at an appropriate age. Different breeds mature at different rates. Therefore, you should consider the dog’s age and level of maturity to ensure that its training is successful.

The breed

It is also important to consider the breed of dog you want. Different breeds are easy to train, while others can be more stubborn and difficult to deal with. For example, many herding breeds are quite intelligent, but they can also be quite headstrong.

The time and place

One thing you should consider is the time where or when you will train your dog regularly. It is possible that training your dog at certain times of day or days of the week can make it easier for you to train them. You might prefer training at a certain time of day so that you do not disturb others. Or, you may feel more comfortable working in the yard or at a specific place in your home if it is not too hot or cold.

The exercise

Just as an adult dog wants to be exercised on a regular basis, so you’re pet needs to get ample exercise during its training period as well. They will become bored, and this could lead them to misbehave and rebel against their owners, which can make their lives very difficult indeed!

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