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For many of us, pets have become part of our families. When we have a pet for the first time in our lives, we become more responsible and organize our lives around its habits and schedule. However, there are moments when it is not possible to take your pet with you. For example, when you go on holiday or business trip, there are destinations where you cannot take your pet with you.

So, you will need a professional sitter to take care of your pet while you are away. This is a huge responsibility, and naturally, you’d want to leave your pet with someone you can trust. Thus, you should pay attention to several criteria before choosing your first pet sitter.

  1. Carefully check reviews and badges

The first thing you should check when searching for your pet sitter is what other people say about him/her. Reviews are an excellent indicator to tell you whether you should trust that person or not. There are websites that mark verified reviews with a particular sign. This means that the respective review was written by someone who has used the pet sitting service and can have a definite opinion on the services’ standard.

Badges are also a great indicator of the pet sitter’s experience and trustworthiness. You will find various badges available online. For example, you can find numbered pins showing you how many jobs the sitter has had in the past. You might also identify badges regarding phone verification or training certificates. Each marker represents a clear proof that the pet sitter has experience in what he is doing, and you can trust that he will do a great job with your pet.

  1. Make sure the pet sitter provides the services you need

Before you start looking for your first pet sitter, you should define very well what are the services you need. You know your pet very well, and you know exactly what it needs daily. So, you should start by making a list of your pet’s needs. You should include in this list everything you find relevant for your pet care. For example, if it likes to walk several times a day, then your pet sitter should know about it. Once you have defined your expectations from your pet sitter, it is time to browse their website.

By carefully analyzing their website, you will get a sense of what services they are offering. For example, there might be pet sitters that have excellent reviews, but they only check on and walk your pet. If you need someone to provide specific medication to your pet, then you should look for someone else. If you don’t find the information you need online, it is always better to give the sitter a call and ask him whether he can provide various services. Sometimes it is better to initiate a conversation than exchanging emails.

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

Identify the signs for a trusted sitter

Your pet is significant for you, and you will want someone whom you can trust to take care of it. So, you should look for the signs that any reputable pet sitter has. For example, an experienced sitter will have insurance which protects both the pet and him in case any accident occurs. Also, he should be able to show you any training that he did for pet sitting. Thus, it shows you that he took this job very seriously, and he can take care of your pet with maximum responsibility.

Moreover, an experienced and reputable pet sitter should also have a partnership with a local veterinarian. In case something happens to your pet, he should be able to take it to the vet immediately and prevent any accident from hurting your pet. Even if you have your veterinarian, it is always good to know that the pet sitter can also rely on someone in case of an emergency. You should also check if the pet sitter has reliable transportation to take your pet to the vet if needed. You wouldn’t want your pet to be transported in an unsafe vehicle.

Check the sitter’s personality

The best way to get to know a pet sitter is by talking with him on the phone or establishing a face-to-face meeting. Even though there is plenty of communication means, it is always better to meet the sitter in person and discover more about his personality. During the discussion, you can determine how friendly he is with pets and how he will react in a stressful situation. When your pet is left alone and has to spend a short period with someone else than you, it might become stressed and change its behavior. Thus, you will need someone who understands these behavior changes in pets and be able to cope with them.

Moreover, you can throw him a few challenges and check how he would react in various situations. You want your pet to be safe while you are away. Thus, you should carefully monitor how the pet sitter would respond in different circumstances.

The sitter’s home environment

Considering that your pet might spend a week or two in the sitter’s home environment, it is essential to check whether he has the right conditions for it. For example, you should check how safe it is and whether it will be interacting with other pets. You should also check the size of the area and if he has special enclosures for your pet to prevent him from escaping. Also, you can check if there will be someone taking care of your pet without interruption. If you are not sure what other criteria to check, you can read some of the best academic writing sites and discover what are the basic needs that a pet needs to accommodate to a new environment.


Even though you consider all the criteria mentioned above, you should always have a back-up plan. Pet sitters have the terrible habit of canceling at the last minute. Thus, if you don’t want to cancel your holiday plans, you should be prepared with a second option to take care of your pet while you are away.

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