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Dogs are one of the most energetic and loving pets. They can wait for you all day long and shower you with kisses and love wagging their tail with excitement. They are one’s best friend who can also lighten our mood with their joyful presence merely. If dog care is carefully done, they can be your best companions for walking or for exercising. The unconditional love that the dogs have for their owner, makes them absolutely adorable. However, at times all of sudden, if your dog starts behaving differently and does not perform well, there are chances that he has some mental or physical health issues. There is an obvious language barrier between us and our dogs, but here are six common reasons that you should consider looking for if your dog has some behavioral changes during lockdown:

Lack of Attention:

Your dog cannot communicate his concerns but there is a possibility that change in your daily routine is what is making your dog unwell and confused. For example, if you are spending more time outside the house or you are busy in office projects at home too, then you are paying no attention to your dog. The lack of attention leaves them confused and they might feel disinterested in their daily routine. The change in your routine is the major cause of change in their routine. Make sure to spend adequate time with them because a slight change in your routine can disturb their daily routine and it will not be good for their wellbeing.

Lack of Exercise:

Being physically active is vital to keep your dog’s health intact. They need to go for a walk or do exercise for their wellbeing. You must take most dogs for a walk at least for an hour a day. Else you can play with them something that requires them to run. For example, you can play with them fetch the ball. Such kinds of physical stimulation keep them healthy. Moreover, this time can be a bonding time for you both and your dog will feel happy and loved. 


Boredom makes a dog unhappy. There might be many causes of boredom, such as the family member whom they are more attached to aren’t at home, they may be used to going to doggie daycare a few times a week and now no longer. Or they are not being taken out, or there is another new pet in the house. many external factors can contribute to your dog’s boredom and they might end up being depressed and unhappy. Make sure to pay extra attention to your dog whenever there is any change in the household.


If your dog is really energetic and keeps roaming and running around usually but is not being himself anymore, there is a good possibility that he might have injured himself. Examine your dog for any physical injury. Else, take him to a vet or to an animal communicator because at times the injury can be internal. Regular visits to the vets are necessary to monitor your dog’s health effortlessly. 

Lacking Something:

There is a great possibility that you might have made any change in his sleeping place, food or water pots. Dogs are not really fast learners when it comes to change in their routine stuff. If you have made any change, make sure that your dog notices it and is happy with it. He might take a day or two to get accustomed to it, so any behavioral changes in this duration are normal. 


Dogs react to depression as we humans do. They isolate themselves and do not respond to external stimuli such as, you call out his name or putting food in his pot. They might tend to sleep more. These symptoms of depression can be dangerous and should be taken seriously. Depression might have been caused by any change in the external environment. For example, death of a house member or a fellow pet, you might have brought a new pet in house that has diverted your attention, you might have shifted to a new place or you might have been away from him for a long time, etc. You must pay close attention to what is bothering your furry family member and should try to cheer up your dog. 

Dogs are as sensitive as we are and the changes in their surroundings are usually the cause of their good or bad performance in their daily routine. Your dogs deserve to be happy and healthy and it is your responsibility to keep a check on his wellbeing. Make sure to keep his surrounding clean, unaltered and feed him good quality food. Above all, it is your love and attention that nourishes them sufficiently. 

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