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Welcome Veronica Burke- Behaviorist & Medical Intuitive

By April 16, 2016No Comments

IMG_3309 (1)

The first Dog Foundational Course Graduates on 3/31 w/facilitator Veronica Burke (Right)

New York Dog Nanny welcomes Veronica Burke into our dog nanny family this spring! Veronica’s background is in medical intuitive work and animal behavior (ranging from dogs and cats to horses) in the field of rehabilitation and emotional components influencing behavior and health. ¬†Working in and around the NYC area for the past 20 years, her specialty is in addressing animal health from the perspective of the ‘whole pet’ which is in-line with our companies philosophy to take a wider approach to a pet’s health and happiness.

Veronica provides on-going training to the NYDN team and to the community with seminars and courses on pet behavior ranging from leash pulling, new parents/families w/pets and trauma.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming classes and community events!

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