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Travelling overseas with your dog is a very exciting experience. This is the time when you get to enjoy new places, foods, and traditions together. Travelling is also an excellent avenue for the two of you to just relax and de-stress from life. There are many benefits travelling can do to you and your dog’s wellness! However, for those things to happen, you need to make sure that you’re using the right pet carrier for air flight. This is one way of ensuring that your dog is safe and comfortable throughout the entire travel. Additionally, a pet carrier can prevent your dog from getting lost and disturbing other passengers in the flight.


There are many pet carriers available today. Regardless of where you’re living right now, for sure, there are a handful of dog stores which sell this product. You can even buy some online. But the convenience to buy a pet carrier shouldn’t be your only consideration – you should think about your dog first. To help you out, consider these things when buying a pet carrier for air flight:

1. Dimensions: Before deciding which pet carrier design to pick, always take the time to inquire from your airlines the dimensions for their imposed in-cabin pet carrier. This information will help you a lot in deciding which pet carrier to buy. Additionally, ask the airlines if there are additional regulations whenever travelling with a dog. Some airlines won’t allow you to book seats near emergency exits when you have dogs, so make sure you have this kind of information sorted out.


  1. Weight: There are now airlines which post the weight restrictions of their in-cabin travel for dogs. Keep in mind that the weight posted online already includes the weight of your dog, unless specified. If you’re unsure, call the airlines to inquire. You should always make sure that your pet carrier and your dog will not exceed the allowable weight in the air flight.


  1. Standing: When you’re travelling, carrying a pet carrier all the time can be exhausting and inconvenient. The same is also true when you’re inside a plane. Save yourself from situations like these by buying a pet carrier which can stand on its own. This means that you should opt for a pet carrier which is little and portable, similar to a soft-sided dog house. And since most airlines will require you to place your dog under the seat in front of you, a standing pet carrier will not fold onto itself, giving more room to your dog. The pet carrier should be spacious enough to allow your dog to stand up, turn around and settle. You can buy carriers like these from Smiling Paws Dogs.


  1. Collapsible: For sure, you want your dog to enjoy a new destination and not keep them in a pet carrier all the time. When you arrive in your location, chances are, you’ll be walking with your dog in public places. You won’t be needing a pet carrier by then. Always consider how a pet carrier can be collapsible and stored out of the way. If possible, look for pet carriers which are lightweight and comes with its own storage pouch. This can help you make your travel lighter and easier.

5.  Materials: If you have a dog which is either male or female, finding a design for them will be a piece of cake. There are a lot of options to choose from. You can even buy one which has added decorations to make your pet carrier more unique. Seeing how adorable these pet carriers can be tempting but these shouldn’t influence your decisions. When buying a pet carrier for air flight, durability is more important than aesthetics. You need a pet carrier that’s sturdy because you’ll never know how your dog will behave inside it. Take note of the tips below to determine which kind of material your pet carrier should have.


  • No-rip fabric: Bolts and metal parts are under the seats of planes, ferry boats and trains. And since this is where you’ll be placing your dog, look for a pet carrier which has no-rip fabric. This will keep your dog safe from sharp edges, salt and tar.


  • Easy to clean fabric: Your pet carrier should be your investment. Your dog should still be able to use it in the coming months and even years. And that goal can only become a reality if you buy a pet carrier that’s easy to clean. You want your pet carrier to look like new all the time, while keeping your dog free from illnesses.


  • Quality on the inside: How the pet carrier is inside should also be considered. This is where your dog will be staying for hours, that’s why quality is very important. Stay away from pet carriers which have plastic interiors as this isn’t a breathable surface and can make your dog uncomfortable. Choose a pet carrier with a removable and washable faux fur option instead.

Choose Wisely

When you’re buying a product for yourself, you would usually consider the price and the brand first. These two things can determine the quality of the product and how long can it last when used. However, it’s never the same thing when buying a pet carrier for air flight – you need to consider a lot of things aside from the price and brand. Choosing one can be difficult especially since your dog can’t directly express what he wants, but with the tips from this article, this task will be easier. Use these tips as your guide, have your dog feel at home in it and for sure, you and your dog will enjoy the air flight!

Victoria Davis

“Victoria Davis is a “crazy pet lady” and Co-Founder of Smiling Paws Pet. After helping friend and family to turn their everyday household goods into useful and interactive pet products, she decided to take the plunge into the pet accessory industry and make a difference to more than her neighbors. Smiling Paws Pets was created in 2015 and is a boutique online pet accessory company based in United States.  Currently serving US customers only, with plans to reach the international markets in the coming years. They can be found on,, and”

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