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What You Need to Know about Your Dog’s Nails

By June 25, 2016No Comments

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If you tend to not walk your dog outside on the cement at least 30-40 mins everyday, then paying extra special attention to your pet’s nail health is going to be especially important for you. At New York Dog Nanny, we recommend that dogs get the appropriate amount of exercise everyday (whether you do it yourself or you hire a professional dog nanny to assist with this).

There are several breeds that are going to be affected more if their nails are not kept at a healthy lengthРwhich is kept at bay with long city walks on the concrete. Those breeds are daschunds, daschund mixes, mini corgies, and basset hounds to name a few.  These long back breeds (or any dog that has a longer back) are prone to having their spines be affected by nails that are too long.

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Additionally, dogs with fluffier fur that are not walked on regular basis will have fur that masks their longer nails. ¬†Over time this can have a compounded affect on your dog’s spine and affect their willingness to walk outside due to acute pain.

A vet or pet groomer can easily and regularly cut your dog’s nails if you are not comfortable doing this yourself at home. A word of caution, the longer you go without cutting the nails, the shorter the amount of nail being cut off is going to have to be to prevent pain from the nail cutting and may require weekly visits until the nails are able to be at the appropriate, healthy length.

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