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Daisuki Dog Carrier

By February 23, 2011March 26th, 2015No Comments

Cute Japanese dog-carriers like this one merge fashion with the practicality of toting your lil’ dog around.  New York Dog Nanny’s founder Cynthia Okimoto rocks one of these dog carriers whenever she goes into the city with Todo her 4.25 lb Yorkie.  Todo loves being in this carrier and no longer barks on the subway as she did in her other larger carrier.  Au contraire, she eager climbs inside whenever she is tired and is comfortable and safe in this little tote.  This bag is light-weight, chic, and practical.

Dog carriers like the one above can be ordered by calling 718-229-WAGS (9247) or emailing


Small- (up to 5 lbs): $65 plus shipping

Medium- (up to 15 lbs): $69 plus shipping


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