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Choosing Smart: Astoria’s Pet Informer Tells All

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Knowledgeable Vet-Tech/Shop Owner Helps Each Customer Make Informed Choices

Friday, February 18, 2010

By New York Dog Nanny, Cynthia Okimoto

Envisioning a world where animals are family is just the tip of the iceberg with Justin DeSola. Young and ambitious, this Vet-Tech/Animal Enthusiast took a childhood dream of his love for pets to make the lives of animals better by opening up his pet shop in his local neighborhood in Queens. Donning a demeanor of genuine care and concern for every animal and pet owner that enters through the door of JD Triple Discount Pet Food and Supplies is not only standard practice, but refreshing in a city where customer service has become a luxury. With wallet-friendly prices on pet supplies and food, Justin pioneers the field of pet care in a way that is humbling and inspiring.

NYDN: I’m going to ask the chicken-egg question about JD Triple Discount and being a licensed vet-tech. Which idea came first and how to do you see yourself in the world of animal care?

JD: The first thing that came to mind is becoming a Veterinary technician. I started my career off working for Dr. Bekhet at the 21st Avenue Animal Clinic which I served as somewhat of an apprentice under a genius Technician named Paola. After she trained me, we worked together for three years. We even learned some new things together. Dr. Bekhet showed me how to care for a business and the animals. We even did ER calls. The best day was when we worked two days straight with no rest to save animal life which I was working and on call that night. I actually see myself an owner of an Animal Clinic in the future.
NYDN: You are one of the youngest entrepeneurs in the pet industry. What or who inspired you to actualize owning your own pet store?

JD: My mother and Father. They’ve witnessed my growing love and passion for animals before I could remember. They encouraged me to pursue my dream and help me in any way they could. My uncle, who recently passed away, helped me become the person I am now; He had a German Shepherd name Bruno who I took care of and he was a good friend with my Shepherd Lexus. They also said, “One day your dream will come true” and have stuck by me every step of the way. In fact, they are even helping to make my second dream come true even though we are all working together to still make my first dream a reality.

NYDN: Entrepeneurs normally start off with smaller ventures as a kid like a lemon-aid stand or a hamster business like I did when I was in 4th grade. Were their other ventures that paved the way for you to open up your store?

JD: You can have great ideas at any age. At 21, I designed a Veterinary & Veterinary Technician Clipboard which is going to be on the market by the end of 2011.

NYDN: Tell me about your love relationship with your dog.

JD: My relationship with my animal is like if they were my child. They eat before I will eat.

NYDN: Is there a breed you a partial to?

JD: German Shepherd–They are smart, protective, nice all around. Also, they’re good with kids and other animals (I had to train mine to be this way, but they are a highly trainable breed, so it wasn’t difficult.)

NYDN: What can we expect from you in the future in the pet world?
JD: You can expect different things for your pets in the future because I am working on new inventions for them.

NYDN: What were you like as a kid? Did you have more animal friends than human friends?

JD: I was very active in sports mostly baseball. I considered humans as friends, animals as family.

NYDN: So, I’m totally a dog person, though I love cats and had them growing up. Are you a dog or cat person?

JD: I have to say both because they are like family. I had cats and dogs when I was growing up and they were all always equals to me.

For informed advise on pet supplies, care and food, visit Justin at JD Triple Discount Pet Food and Supplies at 36th St just off Ditmars in Astoria.


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