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CBD oils have become a more mainstream popular treatment for many ailments. Because of its growing popularity, there are many CBD products available. CBD is a great help to people living with chronic pain. However, it is also useful in dogs and cats with similar ailments. In this article we will discuss CBD oil in general and CBD oil when used for pets.

CBD Oil for Pain

CBD oil is used for all sorts of chronic physical pain and even mental health problems. Here are some reasons to use CBD oil. 

Chronic Pain

Studies have shown that CBD oil can help relieve pain. When the CBD reaches a group of pain receptors, the interaction lowers inflammation and the perception of pain. The use of topical CBD relieves pain without any other side effects. It is good for arthritis and achy joints.


CBD has been used off label for decades to treat epilepsy. CBD is effective to reduce seizure frequency. In people, CBD is commonly used for a specific type of epilepsy. There is an FDA approved oral CBD formulation for this epilepsy type.

Anxiety and Depression

Sometimes lethargy or anxiety comes from non-movement or a mineral deficiency.

CBD oil is often used to treat anxiety and depression. Hundreds of studies have proven this to be effective. This includes PTSD, generalized anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and seasonal affective disorder.

Cancer Treatment Symptoms

CBD is often used to help with nausea, which is often a side effect of chemo and radiation treatments.  The FDA has approved two cannabinoid drugs to combat these symptoms.

Acne and Skin Problems

Topical CBD has been proven to help acne and other skin problems. This is most likely due to its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is useful in reducing itchiness and inflammation. 

High Blood Pressure

Studies show that the use of CBD can reduce resting blood pressure. This is most likely due to its anti-anxiety and pain reducing effects.


Studies also show that CBD can improve people’s diabetes. Studies have shown that people who use marijuana have lower fasting blood glucose levels and decreased measures of insulin resistance.

CBD Oil for Pet Problems

We’ve established how CBD can help humans. Every pet lover knows that their dogs are just one of the family. Therefore, caring for our pets is essential. What about using CBD oil in pets?

CBD oil can help support pets on visits to the vet, long car rides, the groomer, or just plain old age. When you’re buying CBD oil for your pet, it’s important to get CBD oil used specifically for pets. CBD oil used for humans has flavor components that could bother your pet’s tummy or taste buds. Also, CBD oil for people is of higher potency which may be too much for your furry friend. 

CBD for Dogs

CBD is used in dogs with mobility problems or older dogs. This may seem redundant. Here are some more specific uses of CBD oil in dogs.

Pain Management 

Just like in people, CBD oil can be used to treat chronic pain in dogs. Although pain is usually treated with medications, which are effective, CBD oil offers an alternative. All medications have their side effects. Studies have shown using CBD oil for chronic pain has minimal side effects. 

Decreased Inflammation 

Another similarity is that CBD can decrease inflammation in pets. Inflammation is often the source of pain for older and handicapped dogs. Studies show that CBD oil, when taken orally or applied to the skin, can slow down degenerative disease by preventing the nerve damage caused by inflammation.

Improve Mobility

It’s hard to watch our very active dogs slow down. Walking, swimming, and hiking become too difficult. Because CBD can help with inflammation and pain, it will also help your dog’s mobility.

CBD oils can help with various ailments.

Arthritis and Joint Problems

Arthritis is most common in older dogs, especially larger breeds. CBD oil is a newer treatment in arthritic dogs. However, studies have shown some benefit in treating arthritis.

CBD is also used to treat hip dysplasia. This is a common joint problem that begins in puppyhood. It is a genetic condition which results in arthritis of the hips. This can occur in young dogs. Dogs with hip dysplasia will experience joint pain, inflammation, and loss of mobility.

Here is a list of some of the top CBD oils for dogs.

  • Cornbread Hemp CBD Oil for Pets – Best CBD oil for dogs overall 
  • Spruce Dog CBD Oil – Best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis 
  • Pure Hemp Botanicals Pure Pet Harmony – Best organic CBD oil for dogs 
  • Medterra CBD Pet Oil – Best CBD oil for dogs with cancer Absolute 
  • Nature Full Spectrum CBD Tincture – Best full spectrum CBD oil for dogs 
  • NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil – Best CBD oil for dogs with hip dysplasia 
  • Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum Hemp Extract for Dogs – Best for dogs with allergies 
  • Jupiter Pawsome Organic CBD Drops – Best for dogs in pain 
  • CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oils – Best CBD oil for dogs with seizures 
  • Lazarus Naturals CBD Pet Oil Tincture: Calming – Best for dogs with anxiety

CBD for Cats

CBD oil can also benefit cats. CBD is helpful for cats suffering from chronic pain and inflammation. However, CBD oil can also help cats who suffer from behaviors such as hiding, aggression, or obsessive grooming. CBD can benefit shy and fearful cats. It can benefit your cat’s overall quality of life. 

The ingredients in CBD support a sense of relaxation, normal inflammatory function, healthy mobility and joint function, and a healthy appetite.

It’s important to be very careful when dosing CBD oil for cats. Of course you can find a ton of information online. The best thing to do would be to talk to your veterinarian.

Cats are definitely more picky than dogs when it comes to administering medicine. Here are two ideas on how to give cats CBD oil.

Tip #1

Curiosity isn’t a bad quality to have in your cat. With a curious cat, hold the CBD oil dropper up and allow them to lick while you squeeze the dropper. Clean the dropper before placing it back inside the bottle.

Tip #2

Another idea when administering CBD oil to your cat is to dab some CBD oil on your cat’s paw. More than likely he will take off to lick his paw clean. Mission complete! You could also dab some CBD oil on the inside of your cat’s ear and let it soak in.

Canine CBD

Our four legged, furry friends often have chronic pain, mobility, and behavioral issues. Using CBD oil to relieve their chronic pain is worth a try. Pets of all ages can benefit from using CBD oil.  It’s important to talk to your vet before using CBD. CBD oil for pets can result in a better quality of life. 

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