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Thunder Shirt Reviewed Positively for Pups with Separation Issues

By August 1, 2012March 13th, 2019No Comments

Any dog owner who has a been in the company of their dog leading up to a storm or thunder shower has heard the mysteries of the Thunder shirt. Similarly, owners with pets suffering from separation anxiety has no doubt heard of this shirtto help reduce feelings of uncontrollable fear and anxiety. Many of our clients say that their dog tends to get nervous and show signs of stress when they see their owners packing for a trip (suitcases, clothes on the bed are tell tale signs) or putting on a jacket or shoes when departing the apartment.

Tools To Assist with Doggie Freakout

There are lots of tools from training to essential oils to dog clothing that can help reduce your pups freaking out.  One way to help minimize the anxiety by having your pup wear a thundershirt while you are away.  The fit of the shirt has strategically placed pressure points to make the dog feel an enhanced sense of security and protection, thereby reducing anxious feelings.

New York Dog Nanny has used the thunder shirt for dogs that have lots of energy to spend and with dogs that are exhibiting aberrant separation issues with their people both with their NYC dog daycare clients as well as those visiting the cage-free kennel in Murray Hill.  Our pet sitters serving New York city dogs also have experience using the thunder shirts for dogs that have dog nannies visit them while their owners are on vacation/travel.

How to Introduce the Thunder Shirt

We recommend that you introduce this dog shirt to your dog when you are both calm and there is no storm.  This can help create a positive, calm association with the shirt and thus help boost it’s effectiveness.

Thundershirts can be purchased on or at your local pet store.


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