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Cherish those pet Photos

By August 6, 2012March 26th, 2015No Comments

We’ve all heard the phrase that a photo is worth 1000 words. True, true, and more true. Many of us having our four legged companions to add that warm touch to our lives, hence the name “pets”. We get so much from our pets while we are with them. Cute and oh so adorable are just some of the reasons we have pets. They warm our hearts and make our houses a home. And who needs that more than New York City residents. So, that leaves a very important role for our NYC dogs to fulfill. This task that they are no doubt up for begets the topic of today’s focus: Professional Pet Portraits.
Yes we all have cameras on our phones, and YES Instagram is the bomb, however, a professional photographer has at a minimum three things we do not. Lighting: Photography is all about lighting, this makes or breaks a good photograph. Composition: Sure off centered or perfectly centered photographs have that same affect, we see our pets faces, part of their bodies, but is it artistically curated? Probably not. Lastly, a photographer with their super fancy equipment will be able to effectively and efficiently take an awesome picture of your pets personality at the right time. Not when the cat does something awesome and as you are waiting for the camera to click to capture the moment, all you are left with is a blurry head. Their super fast shutter speed (the function that allows them to capture their cuteness in an instant), will beat our your camera phone in a heartbeat.

Last but not least, a professional photographer is in the service of giving you a keepsake. A photo you can upload on your computer, hang on the wall or even upload onto your phone that is sharp, memorable and heartmelting. That is how you can cherish your pet when you are not with them. Awww.


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