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Dogs can become our family members and sincere partners throughout our whole life. They cannot completely eliminate communication and relationships with humans, of course. But dogs will never betray you and will always be near to support you in the hardest times. 

You may wonder how animals can love and understand people so well.  Dogs are very smart animals who are capable of learning and developing their skills. Some dog breeds protect the houses of their families, while other dog breeds serve in the police force to protect the entire city from criminals, then there are great family pets such as the Goldendoodle.  We gathered the collection of the most intelligent dog breeds all over the world who are really impressed by their abilities to learn commands and other tasks.

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is supposed to be a family dog breed that sincerely loves the owners, especially kids. This dog breed is known for its high faithfulness and intelligence. Such dogs can quickly learn new commands, faster than other dog breeds. 

Besides, golden retrievers are gorgeous dogs with great color of wool. This dog breed is useful for lifeguards in searching operations. So families can boldly have a golden retriever to protect their homes and kids.

German Shepherd

The German shepherd is the most frequent choice of policemen. This dog breed helps them to effectively perform searching and rescue operations. This dog is hard-working and learns the commands really fast. You just need to repeat it several times so that the dog can remember and perform it. 

The dog breed doesn’t look friendly and kind, but it will love the owner who will care about it from all the heart. The German shepherd recognizes only one owner who will be able to teach it different commands. They do have some health concerns.

Border Collie

Border collie is considered to be one of the smartest dog breeds in the whole world. The first thing we would like to note is the extraordinary coloration that border collies commonly have. This dog has significant intelligence, being able to learn any command that exists overall. Besides simple commands, this dog breed is known for being capable of resolving complicated tasks and even learning and clearly understanding human words 


We all know rottweilers as angry and far from friendly dogs that can seriously hurt or even kill other dogs or people. That is why this dog breed must be taught all possible commands and has to learn how to control itself. Nevertheless, Rottweilers are very smart dogs that perceive new information quickly. They commonly help police in different investigations of the areas or help people to protect their houses from burglars. Rottweilers can learn any command and action the owners ask them to do, but the training must be regular.

Belgian Shepherd 

The Belgian shepherd is one of the spherical dog breeds that was created in the 17th century. This dog breed is very resistant to stressful and complicated situations that may appear with its owners. Belgian shepherds are commonly taken into the police force to help follow and catch criminals. 

Talking about the educational process, it may take some time and several training sessions before the ideal execution. Additionally, this dog breed looks mighty and has a great dark coloration of wool.

Yorkshire Terrier 

We all used to think that Yorkshire terriers are just small and cute dogs who can live only in house conditions. However, this dog breed is brilliant. According to a custom writing service Rated by Students, Yorks completely understand their owners under the conditions the owner is the only person, no more. 

Moreover, this dog breed is supposed to be hunting as they have perfect hearing and sense of smell. There are different types of Yorkshire terriers, but each of them is capable of learning commands of different complexities. 

German Short-Haired Pointer

German short-haired pointers look so powerful and brave. This dog breed is considered to be the hunting breed in the world. German short-haired pointers require some time to learn simple and advanced commands. However, you can be sure they will memorize them for their whole life.

 As this dog breed is great at hunting, it can also be taken to the police force to help them during the searching or rescue operations. All in all, this dog breed is not a kind of family suit. It needs to have an active way of living and be useful for its owner as much as it can. 

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 

This dog breed can be named newly created. It looks very similar to golden retrievers, but the coloration of the wool is a bit darker. These dogs are extremely active, friendly, and smart.

 They are capable of learning different commands, being a reliable friend to the owners who will protect them from danger. This dog breed also has an excellent feeling of smell, so it can also be useful during hunting season. Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers have long and strong paws that help them wade in different areas.


Vizsla is the most popular dog breed among hunting dogs. By the way,  it looks similar to Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers, but these are short-haired with the darker shadow of brown wool color. This dog breed is resilient and intelligent enough to help people during hunting and warn them about potential danger in the wild areas. Again, vizslas will not suit people who don’t follow an active lifestyle, as they need to walk several kilometers every day. 


Airedale is supposed to be the oldest dog breed among terriers. Moreover, this dog is the biggest among different kinds of other terrier dogs as top writing reviews write. These dogs are intelligent and wise. 

But they need more time to learn particular commands than other dog breeds we have mentioned above. Airedale is the dog that has no fear and does its best to protect owners from threats to their security. This dog breed is known for its obedience and faithfulness to a single owner. 

To Conclude

Taking into account the description of the smartest dog breeds, we can make a conclusion that there is no dog breed that isn’t capable of learning new commands. The commands can be split into simple and advanced (used for hunting or in the police force).

Some dogs just can’t learn everything at once, while others require more time to be proficient in commands their owners expect. So when selecting a dog, define what you expect from this dog breed like being a friend, protector, or real hunter. That will help you make the right choice. 

What do you think, what dog breed is a perfect match for your lifestyle?

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