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Is Your Dog Walking You?

By September 29, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

NYC Dog Walking Control

Don’t Let Your Dog Walk You

A dog should never walk in front of you, they should always be walking either beside or behind you. If a dog walks in front of you, he/she ends up being the walker by pulling you where they want to go.  Dogs are pack animals meaning they will always look for the leader, which in this case should be you.

While walking the collar should be high up on the dog’s neck for better control – you need to control your dogs whole body during walks.  Having the leash high up like they do at dog shows lets you give less effort and more control. There shouldn’t be a back and forth of pulling between you and your dog, try to relax and keep pulling to a minimum. 

The leash shouldn’t be too long, just have it short enough to hang a little. If your dog starts to pull, the best thing to do is stop and stand still or walk the opposite way suddenly, they need to realize that they’re following you and not the other way around.  You want to keep your dog calm during walks, so praising him for walking calmly is not recommended because it will cause them to get excited.  When dogs get excited during walks it’s harder to control them, when they start walking ahead of you or around you, just stop and have them sit and don’t continue the walk until they are calm.

You should decide when your dog can sniff, mark and do their business.  Its ok for you to let them do this on their own, but only if they understand that they are doing it with your permission.  Your dog needs to know that you are in control of the whole situation, environment and him/her.


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