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NYC Dog Friendly Food Spots

By September 30, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments
Manhattan dog proms not quite your thing?  Has attending doggie weddings made you put your hand to your head in disbelief at what New York City dog owners and Americans have put on their list of weekend activities? 
New York Dog Nanny can put you up to speed on our daily dog lifestyle routines for fun activities we think you and your dog can enjoy that are not necessarily described as “dog friendly events”.
Top 3 Murray Hill/Midtown Dog Friendly Spots:
Krave NYC Dog Friendly
3.   Korean Food Truck on Lexington Ave outside of Baruch College. Wait in line for some good chow without heading ALL the way to Koreatown.  
 Shake Shack NYC Dog friendly
2.  Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Dangerous to the Waistline, but ALWAYS worth the wait…Don’t forget about their famous doggy ice cream…even though we all know that your city dog really just wants to chow down on the shack burger.
Artisanal Ice Cream NYC Dog Friendly
1.  Artisanal Ice Cream Stand.  Located on 32nd St between Park and Madison, the ice cream cart appears when the weather is HOT.  It’s stated to be 80 this week in the city, so feel free to stop by to check out delicious cones/cups of sweet, sweet frozen delectables.
Do you LOVE checking in with your belly card at new york dog nanny and seeing the juicy rewards you get for being a loyal customer? Well, please scroll down to check out other loyalty rewards program in the 10016.  While these points won’t be credited to you NYDog Nanny account, you can get goodies at these other places— just for checking in! Don’t be shy and let your friends know how they can save for frequenting their already favorite spots (or trying new ones) just by signing up for Belly.  To search for loyalty rewards in your neighborhood with your belly card go to and search by your zip co
    • Sunflower Diner

    359 3rd Avenue New York, NY

  • Shawarma Grill

    368 3rd Avenue New York, NY

  • Suits and Skirts Cleaners

    160 East 28th Street New York, NY

  • Copper Chimney

    126 East 28th Street New York, NY

  • New York Dog Nanny

    126 Lexington Avenue New York, NY

  • Bareburger

    514 3rd Avenue New York, NY

  • Lucky’s Cafe

    593 First Ave New York, NY

  • Fagiolini House of Lasagna

    334 Lexington Avenue New York, NY


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