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Dognition- Einstein, Empathizer, Buddy

By August 21, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

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Dognition is the newest field of science at Duke University where a dedicated team of researches is credited for studying various degrees of dog cognition or dognition as it now termed.  Each dog breed and individual personality can determine what your dog is likely to do in each scenario. In one study, a dog tested at the “Einstein” level for a dog meaning obviously that he was highly intelligent.  Another dog was more of a “empathizer” as he looked where his owner pointed.  How cute. But in a real life saving situation, where an owner “faked”  a heart attack and collapse, 70% of Fidos remained at their owners side and did NOT pull a Lassie to go and get help from a pre-stationed “by stander”.  Find out what your dogs proclivities likely will be using a test in this article as a jumping off point. Every dog has certain tendencies, but other behaviors (helping behaviors) can be trained for.  There are many therapy and service dogs. Know what your dogs strengths are but also be open to training your dog to do things you would like them to do even if it’s not playing to their core strengths and doggie competencies.


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