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Dodgeball for Manhattan dogs

By August 20, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

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Looking for a twist on your outdoor activities with your NYC dog? Does the term “shuttle run” bring back images of your grammar school gym, “fitness tests” and neon colors from the 80s?  Here are 5 FUN NYC bonding and calorie burning activities you can enjoy before the season turns.

5. Frisbee Golf- sure you might need a neighbor and some props, but what better way to pump up you and your dogs paw-eye coordination with agility.  Take that Andrea Arden!  For those who want to really spice it up and add a before hours twist- remember parks are OPEN to off-leash dogs before 9am and after 9pm.  Take advantage of day light savings now.

4. Rallying with balloons.  This game is a test in patience and can allow your pup to overcome their fear of balloons!  Dogs who can paw or high five can learn to rally, no problem. Dodge ball is next!

3.  Baseball (dogs love the grounders).  Not quite up for baseball and the hand eye coordination thing? T-ball.

2. Bowling for treats.  That’s right. You do a round, puppy does a round.  Here’s the catch. Under SOME of the pins there are training treats.  This can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors.

1.  Mini-golf for pups.  Did your Manhattan pup have fun at the agility course? Wish puppy class was every day? Try setting up a mini-g0lf course where Fido uses his nose to put the ball in the golf hole.  Hole in one? Two below par? Treat for Fido!




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