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Meet Daniel the Dog Nanny

By August 12, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

We are so pleased to announce a new non-furry face in the crowd named Daniel Jamison.  He hails from the UWS and he commutes all the way on two paws to get to NY Dog Nanny to rub shoulders with the hob nob doggie crowd of 25 and under doggie do-littles. How did we score this win?  It wasn’t easy. We had to make a back door deal with his agent to score this winner!  He enjoys pint sized, medium and supersized dogs of all breeds and nationalities.  His first week almost gave him a heart attack because the dogs were so cute and so cuddly he considered moving into the store full time to be our warden, ahem, overnight attendant.  Yes, he will be blogging, yet he will be behind the camera, and yes he will be sending update. Watch out.  

Check out his brief bio on youtube and share with your friends (four legged and two legged like) if you are woof-in for Daniel.



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