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NYC Dog Walk Protocal Quiz

By August 11, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

NYC dog walk

Are you a busy NYC dog owner?  Are you excited and proud when you get your dog walked each and everyday? Goodie! You are just like 3 million or so other dog parents in manhattan who take pride in caring for their little ones. Let’s see how your dog parenting IQ stands up compared to our Manhattan dog trainers healthy dog walk protocal:

1) When leaving the home/apartment for a dog walk:

a) My dog walks out the door in front of me

b) We walk out together in step

c) I walk out before my NYC dog

d) not sure

2) When my dog needs to tinkle:

a) I let him/her go whenever he/she needs to go

b) I encourage my dog to “go” with a command

c) I let me dog sniff around at places I would like them to go and they can go if they choose

d) not sure

3) When my dog sees another dog in the street:

a) he/she crouches down or starts pulling to say “hi”

b) sometimes pays attention and something doesn’t

c) looks to me for direction while remaining concentrated on the tasks at hand

d) not sure


4) After my dog goes #2 on a walk:

a) Walks over, head home!

b) We walk for a few more mins depending on when it happens.

c) The walk may or may not continue, time of poop during walk is not necessarily significant.

d) not sure


5) Throughout the walk, my dog:

a) regularly zig zags and I have to keep an eye on where they are walking, I’ve tripped at least once in my life

b) It’s not unsual for me to detangle the leash from my dog’s legs or my legs.

c) My dog heels and looks to me for commands.

d) some of the above


Mostly “A”s: Your dog has lots of energy and you are partipating in a dog-led walk, not a person led walk. You can easily reduce stress in your dogs life by being commander on the walk AND in the home.  Your dog will live a longer, healthier and more stress free life which is possible with a dog walking/leash training lesson.

Mostly “B”s: You’ve probably had the dog trainer come over once or twice and/or your dog has been to basic obediance classes but not everyone who takes care of your dogs walks is consistent or on the same page 100% of the time. No problem, consistency is key and each and every member of the family can help provide a more structured environment for your dog if you can all agree on the commands and make a commitment to stick to them— for the dogs sake.  A re-fresher 1 session class would not hurt!

Mostly “C”s: Congrats, you rock! Your dog knows he/she is SO LUCKY to have an awesome parent like you! You;ve taken a dog walking class, you’re executing the techniques and Fido respects you! Keep up the good work.  We also have additional tricks and training classes as well as other sessions that you can use to have a deeper more dynamic relationship with your dog. Off leash walk class anyone?

Mostly “D”s: Did you even finish this quiz?  Is this is a wakeup call for you? Please check out how your dog can benefit from at least a few dog training sessions with us and reduce their stress level ASAP.  



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