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First Time Small Dog Owner? Your Questions Answered…

By June 17, 2016No Comments

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If you’re like many of your peers who grew up with a dog, your story is probably something along the lines of this. You grew up in a house (not an apartment), with a backyard, a fence and a golden retriever or lab.  And now you live in the city, NYC.

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And the perfect way to make sometimes lonely (aww) and sometimes un-warm place a little cozier on a regular basis may mean taking the steps to being a dog parent.  With apartments being more of the norm, most prospective NYC dog owner take this into considerable account when evaluating quality of life for man’s best friend. Alas, enter the small apartment sized breeds (and designer breeds)— morkies, poodles, shih tzus are undoubtly on the rise.

Here are some of the questions and considerations you might take as a prospective new [small] dog parent.

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  1. Yes, you still should walk your dog outside. Don’t let your dog become a house hamster. Dog’s need to walk outside, get fresh air, socialize and get Vitamin D outside.
  2. Small dogs can enjoy the outdoors and outdoor sports just as much as mediums and larges! Follow us on instagram @nydognanny and Facebook: to check out fun events and outtings that are dog friendly throughout the year.
  3. Small dogs need training too!! You’d never think twice about not training your German Shepard or Husky, same thing goes for a smaller breed. Just because their smaller doesn’t mean they don’t have the same instincts and inclinations that require proper boundaries, routine and regime.
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