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How to Use Your Tone of Voice and Music to Calm Your City Dog

By June 19, 2016No Comments

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Do you have an underused vocal cord that you could be using to harmonize with your pup? Do you love the way that songs have a way to soothe your mood, or be there for you in a way that makes your heart sing?   Here are some fun and easy ways to use music and your voice to help sooth your dog or bond further.

  1. Radio silence got your dog bored while you are away at work? Here’s one of our most used youtube stations to help calm dogs down! Bring nature sounds to your NYC home.
  2. A-E-I-O-U. Not just the vowels we used on our keyboards and phone everyday, but also healing sounds that when elongated with a full belly breath will definitely turn your dogs head and get him/her to calm down.  Go ahead, try it, the neighbors probably aren’t listening. Repeat your dogs favorite vowel then google what the healing properties are for that sound on your dog’s body.
  3. Speak softly. Dog’s don’t like being yelled at any more than people do. Use a soft voice when your dog is barking and don’t join in on the hunt!

This blog was brought to you by Cynthia Okimoto of New York Dog Nanny. To be a guest blogger, email with a writing sample. 

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