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Near Sightedness in Dogs, a Holistic Perspective

By June 21, 2016No Comments

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Ever see a dog walking down the street hovering close to the wall of a building? This is not an uncommon sight for city dogs.  While most dog behaviorists and trainers would likely attribute this behavior to feeling more secure then walking in the middle of the sidewalk (or street for that matter) the reasons as to causes of this have rarely been looked at from a more holistic approach.

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Without a proper consultation from a holistic dog trainer, one might easily conclude that this behavior should be rectified by getting the dog to trust the owner more (true), but a huge contributing overlooked factor could be a vision problem- specifically near sidedness.  When incorporating the physiological component to into dog training and dog behaviors, we get a more whole approach to addressing and managing our dogs trust, health and overall well being.

Be sure to get your dogs eyes checked from a trust pet professional to see if doggy near sightedness is contributing to your pups walking behaviors.

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This blog article was written by Cynthia Okimoto of New York Dog Nanny. If you’d like to be a guest blogger please email with a writing sample.

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