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Hide N Seek- Whose Initiating?

By September 17, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

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Lots of NYC dog parents are ready to start their day off in a hurry and when they are ready to go, puppy is no where to be found. What does this mean for worker bee/puppy parents? For starters, your dog is well aware of your routine whether you know it or not. Your dog has learned over time to associate certain times of days and certain outfits (a purse, the jingling of keys, hopping in the shower) as pre-cludes to your departure from home.  Our trainers help you to identify some of those “triggers” and quickly and effectively re-associate them with a reward.  Some dogs may do anything to prolong the process of spending more time with their beloved- you!  And what better way to do this than by hiding or playing hide n seek?  Remember the seeker is not the leader of the house.  The hider is.  In the wild, the strong pack leader leads, the pack leader never goes to search out a member of the pack. It’s the other way around.  THe leader leads with calm, firm confidence and so should a puppy parent.  

To avoid this behavior, it’s important to set up boundaries and certain commands with your dog such as “place” and also to ensure that your dog receives the opportunity each and every morning to be properly exercised outside.  For tips on how to be a super dog parent and enroll in an exceptional dog training program, contact us at New York Dog Nanny at 917 261 7333.  


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