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Did you know that your pet can get fleas year round? Household items that contribute to this include carpets and couches. Additionally, having an interspecies household can also make managing a flea problem more troublesome.

Here are some ways to manage a flea problem:

  • Check your pet at the base of their tail (where there tail and back connect) for black specks (this is flea poo).
  • Is your dog scratching more than usual?
  • Do you have bites on your skin?
  • Make sure that you shampoo your rugs and carpet with a natural anti-flea product and bathe your pets with flea shampoo (make sure it’s for fleas and not just managing itchiness caused by flea bites).
  • Comb your pet regularly to look for fleas (and other possible bugs) on a regular basis
  • Use a natural flea spray whenever you go to a wooded area or area with a lot of grass (year round).
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