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Is your dog scratching more? Is there skin getting irritated? Dry skin and coat issues are concerns that tend to be more pronounced in NYC in the winter time. With the heat on, it can dry out the air in your home or doggy daycare and leave your dog’s skin and coat with pronounced visible irritation. Remember dry skin and coat is a problem that can be addressed both environmentally as well as internally with balanced nutrition for your pet.

Graphic created by Banixx.

Manage Your Dog’s Skin and Coat in the Winter:

Use a Humidifier

You know when the air is too dry in the summer with the AC running- your lips are dry and perhaps your throat is too.  It’s the same for the winter months.  Use a humidifier to put more moisture back into the air. More humidity in the air can allow the skin/coat to breathe more easily.

Provide your pup with a Diet of at Least 50% Wet Food.

Just like we get dry skin in the winter, dogs can get dry skin too.  You see them scratching behind their ears or tapping hot spots?  This could be an indication that they are in need of a more nutrient rich and fresher diet to ensure they get the proper nutrition.

Remember, skin and coats are the larger organ on the dogs body (and humans) and we need to make sure the nutrients move properly from the inside to the outside layers.  We recommend Farmer’s Dog for those in and around the NYC area for it’s fresh, local ingredients or Trader Joe’s Canned food.

Don’t forget a pre-and probiotic!

Keep Your Properly Dog Hydrated

Dogs need water to flush out toxins and keep their immune systems strong–the skin is one area that pushes out toxins so ensure your pup has access to fresh filtered water and his/her water bowl is clean (washed daily).

Use a Good shampoo and conditioner with Natural Ingredients to Sooth Irritated Skin.

Shampoo cleans, and conditioners keep the moisture in! Make you avoid stripping the hair and leaving it without protection.  We all love a nice silky shine and a good conditioner helps the dog look AND feel good as well as contributing to an easier time brushing them out and preventing those awful clumps caused by rain, snow and puddles in the high impact movement areas (arms, legs, behind the neck and chest).

photo cred: roberto-nickson-_JGVVEfbTVQ-unsplash

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