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Pet Truths

Why we Love Our Job just a little too much

By July 31, 2014March 26th, 2015No Comments

Today, I was brought back to a nostalgic moment when I first started New York Dog Nanny. Today one of our walkers was moved to tears as he said goodbye to one of his nearest and dearest clients who is moving away. It’s never easy to say goodbye as it’s very very easy to have a place in our hearts for each and every little pup that comes through our doors and into our lives. As I saw him say goodbye, it reminded me of how I attached I was to my first set of pomeranians that I boarded four years ago. Even though they weren’t mine, I grew attached to them and it’s hard to say goodbye even though you know they will be back.

Each animal we care for leaves an impression on our hearts. Just as your dog warms your heart, they too warm us. They bring smiles to our heart, help lighten a long day and remind us that life need not be taken too seriously.

As our business continues to evolve and grow, I am reminded of our commitment to constantly be trained by our trainer and how we can best be the bridge and advocate for our animal friends by continually being on the cutting edge of holistic medicine and treatment and manners n more services to be care for the precious pups in NYC and around the country.

Owner, New York Dog Nanny


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