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Four Recommendations for You to Try before you CALL NYCs BEST DOG TRAINER

By July 27, 2014March 26th, 2015No Comments

Did you know that most of the problems that people call us for with regards to training and other inquiries can be managed by simply adding these components to your everyday routine with your dog. We recommend implementing these techniques for three days first if you are interested in some remedies that our trainer will most likely recommend for you. While these tips are not guaranteed to be a substitute for actual training, they DO contribute to building a positive, mutually respectful relationship with your NYC dog.

Here are our tips for our Training your NYC dog:

1) Movement. When we say movement, we mean arms, legs, and body engagement on your end and your pups end. Don’t be afraid to get low and have some fun! It’s important to initiate interactions with your pup such as playing tag, fetch, and yes, even tug-o-war (human initiated).

2) Movement outdoors. What dog doesn’t get delighted at the prospect of getting wiff of that new smells outside. Perhaps a new dog walked down the block and marked her territory. Maybe the neighbors took out the trash— yuuuuum. Perhaps it’s garbage night and there are lamps, mattresses and other furniture JUST WAITING TO BE SNIFFED at, oh yeah!

This is your dogs face after you start giving breakfast and dinner as opposed to allowing grazing.
3) 2 meal times per day for adult dogs. 3 for puppies. Long gone are the days of doggie buffet for dogs and for good reason. No, its not because your dogs waist line is growing. And no, it’s not because we don’t believe your dog likes to graze. It has everything to do with leadership/followership and giving your parental points. If you’re reading this, and you’ve tried it and our philosophy, you know that parent points are good whether you have a dog, or your dog is your kid. =) This means EXACTLY, your dog gets breakfast, 15 mins to eat and then the bowl goes, bye-bye.

4) Stay loose and calm throughout whenever you’re with your dog. What does this mean? Pre-game with blissing out. Just like some people enjoy some down time after work, get your down time in before you walk through your door so that you can greet your NYC blissed out. How can you achieve this. Take three big belly breaths, being sure to exhale ALL the air out with each breath. This will oxygenate your blood stream and make you feel very, very relaxed. Remember, a relaxed owner sets the tone for strong leadership/parent worthiness in the dogs eyes and that’s what we always encourage dog owners to go for!

If you feel you do require training, please give us a call at 917 261 7333. Or check out our trainer here:


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