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Namaste with Your Pet: Seeing and Honoring the Spirit of Your Furry Friend

By April 30, 2016No Comments
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My buddy!

For most people who own pets, one of the most valued components is the companionship. Our pets love us unconditionally- sometimes our dogs more than our feline companions, but we feel the love nontheless. Even if you’re not a certified animal communicator, you’d be more outside the norm than not if you didn’t talk to your pet and if that love shared wasn’t at least partially through touch (petting, holding, stroking etc)– you know how you connect and show love to your pet.

While there are various perspectives and takes from trainers/behaviors on eye contact and ways to learn about what your pet is trying to communicate, we’d like to offer a set of tips that you can easily employ to deepen your bond and understand your pet a little more.

  1. Animals communicate using pictures. They were way ahead of us and perhaps even inspired the quote “A picture is worth 1000 words”.  If you are wondering what your pet is trying to communicate to you ask them by visualizing a picture of what you are seeking clarity on and imagine sending that picture to your pet’s mind.
  2. Communicate using your heart.  Do you know how your dog comes to sit in your lap, licks your wounds and knows just when to comfort you when you’re down.  Pets can sense emotions without reading your facial instruction. Show your gratitude for your pet through living in that gratitude and let your pet know you are happy they are empathizing with you.  Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations and pet’s are always working to please us! Everyone likes to be acknowledged for a job well done!
  3. Know that your pet is your side-kick, co-creator and a whole spirit.  Your precious pet will many times take on the signs, symptoms and diseases that you are holding.  You have a knee or hip injury, your pet may be shouldering some of the pain too.  This can be dangerous to both you and the pet and un-detected pain by a medical professional or medical intuitive can allow for a disease to go un-diagnosed/untreated and may not be spotted until it is in a critical condition.  Do not let your pet take on your issues/illnesses and see them for who they are. Your buddy, your family and a whole being.  Honor them as you would honor any other friend- with boundaries, without projections and with total respect for their personality, preferences and personality proclivities.

This article was written by Cynthia Okimoto of New York Dog Nanny with inspiration who is a Reiki practitioner for dogs.  To be a guest blogger, please submit a writing sample to our email: subject: Guest Blogger. 

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