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6 Reasons to Train w/NYDN, 3 reasons to avoid us

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Back by pup-ular demand is our Dog Foundational Course with Veronica Burke.

This course is for you and your dog if:

  •  Your dog experiences separation anxiety
  •  Your dog pulls on the leash
  •  Your pup resource guards (on the street or at home)
  •  Your dog has stomach/digestive issues 
  •  Your dog has trouble going to the groomers
  •  Your dog goes wild when the Seemless delivery person shows up
  • Your dog gets jealous if you try to pet another dog at daycare/boarding

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for your dog to learn sit, stay, come, down and it’s own name
  • You don’t like to have fun in a group setting with your dog
  • You are not interested in a holistic approach to your dogs well being (we review the emotional as well as physiological components driving and influencing dog health and behavior).


Tuesdays starting May 10th.


Course dates: 5/10, 5/17, 5/24

Cost: $175 + tax

This class is designed for group participants and growth. Therefore all participants must attend all classes. This course is for dogs under age 5 years old and under 35 pounds.

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Happy Clients who’ve worked w/Veronica:

“We just took a three-session group class with Veronica on connecting with your dog and it was life changing.  I thought I knew Moses beforehand but boy was I wrong! We have such a deep bond and understanding of one another now.”  Meryl N. & Moses

“I found it most enlightening and have put the massaging techniques to good use.” Jane Bell, dog sitter 

You can attend this course for free if you get 3 other dog families to attend– or 25% off for each of you (which ever works for YOU).

​Invite your friends today by forwarding this email! Reserve your DOG’S spot TODAY or call 917-261-7333.

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