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Bath time for Roxie!

Bath time for Roxie!

Many of our new doggie parents in NYC often come to us with questions about grooming and also dematting their dogs. Since the seasons are changing, we thought you new pet parents might enjoy some quick tips on how to give baths to your dog at home to maximize knot-free hair and get your dog nice and clean!

  1. #1 Mistake New Dog Parent’s make is not brushing out their dog’s fur FIRST.  Be sure to ask your groomer or a trusted pet professional which brush they would recommend for your pet.  Brushing beforehand ensures that the knots and matts will have less of a chance to move closer to the dog’s skin, thereby causing discomfort.
  2. #2 Keeping Your Dog’s Hair Longer in the Winter:  Keep your dog’s hair short! Many new dog owners like to have their dog have longer hair which is your choice!  Your dog, your choice! We recommend going shorter as it helps with maintenance of the skin and coat and reduces the number of knots and matts. Less knots and matts equals a happier, healthier pup and no dematting fee at the groomers!
  3. #3 Bath time must be a calm experience! Make sure your dog is used to water and is comfortable being bathed! This starts by slowing introducing your dog to water when both of you are calm. Ask your local dog behaviorist what you can do to make bath time a positive!
  4. #4 Keep the bath time short (be efficient with the bath) as some dogs really do not like to be wet.

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