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Vanity, Your Fluffball and NY State Required Vaccines for your Dog

By June 11, 2016No Comments

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So maybe the modern dog is not as vain as the modern social media self-stick owning culture we live in, yet the subject of vanity, NYS required vaccines and being a furry pet do warrant some attention as one single topic.  As Rabies is a required vaccine for dogs, some pets fur does come out after the initial round of shots are given and can result in a small patch of hair loss. While it is not really detectable to the dog in motion while walking, upon closer and regular inspection, most dogs do have that missing patch of fur where they are vaccinated in their upper rear thigh.

To avoid this, you can find a vet that does a titer (tests for the antibody of the vaccine – DHPP and Rabies) instead. Our personal neighborhood favorites in lower Manhattan are Rivergate (Dr. Peter Cross) and on the west side: Heart of Chelsea.

So, no you are not being just vain, you also could be choosing an option that works better with your values.

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