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Is Your Dog Getting Enough Vitamin D at Doggie Daycare?

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For those dog parents that are on board with getting their pups socialized, two paws up to you!  As more and more research is showing the benefits of your dog learning proper socializing skills and the excitement your dog has when meeting new and old friends regularly on the streets, in the dog parks and of course your favorite daycare, only minimal studies have been conducted to look at the benefits on various doggie daycare environments with regards to health and well being.

As a holistic service for NYC pets, we always encourage our pet parents to make sure that their precious fur child has plenty of exposure to the natural elements: fresh, circulated air in the apartments, nature hikes on weekends and of course natural sunlight.  Never underestimate the power of the right amount of Vitamin D for your dog’s health and well being.

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A large number of dog daycare in NYC do not have ample access to natural sunlight so we encourage our pet parents to supplement this by making sure their dog gets at a nice long walk during the day or perhaps do a half day of daycare plus walk to ensure that their skin/coat has a chance to vitamin D up.

While many dog foods to supplement Vitamin D in their foods, without the proper amount recommended by a trusted holistic pet professional it is possible that too little Vitmain D and excessive amounts of Vitamin D can cause cancer.

Our recommendation: shop around and find an environment that reflects your desire for a holistic environment that contributes to your dog getting vitamin D naturally from the sun.

This blog was written by Cynthia Okimoto of New York Dog Nanny. If you’d like to share your NYC dog expertise, feel free to submit a writing sample to for a chance to become a guest blogger.

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