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Vaping has forever been touted as a safer alternative to smoking. It has made vaping so popular that it has become commonplace. However, it is not entirely safe due to a few of its toxic chemicals. The vapors are particularly harmful to your children and pets. Most vapes and e-liquids also come with a statutory warning about the same. 

It creates a predicament for vapers who have pets at home. They wonder if they can vape around pets. The good news is that you can vape even if you have pets in your house but keeping the following important things in mind. 

Go for Pre-Filled Cartridges around Pets

One easy way for pets to ingest nicotine-containing e-juice is by licking the e-juice that is bound to spill when filling your vape tank. Even if you wipe the juice, the traces can remain and prove hazardous for your beloved furry friend.

The safest way to avoid this risk is to choose pre-filled cartridges like the vuse alto. They are of superior quality build and give you the best quality e-juice with maximum flavors and varying nicotine strength. All you need to do is open the cartridge and fit it inside your vaping device. You are now all set to vape.  If you are wondering about cbd starter kits for vaping, online stores are your best bet. 

Vape with a Non-Nicotine E-Juice Around Pets 

The component of e-juice that proves dangerous for pets is nicotine. Vaping around pets leads to second-hand exposure to vape aerosols for the pets. Exposure and inhalation of nicotine cause pet poisoning that can be fatal for your pets. Vaping with non-nicotine juice reduces the risk significantly. 

Suppose you crave some nicotine in your e-juice; it’s best to vape in a room where pets are not allowed. Furthermore, choose a flavor for nicotine-containing e-juice that is not liked by the pets. For instance, most pet dogs and cats adore flavors like chocolate, honey, candy, coffee, etc. 

Recognize the Signs of Nicotine Poisoning and Act Fast 

Sometimes, an accident occurs, and your pet inhales nicotine vapors or licks the spilled e-juice with nicotine, despite all precautions. Additionally, the nicotine-containing vapor residues also tend to stick to the pet’s fur. Since the pets are used to licking their limbs and fur, they can lick and ingest nicotine. It would cause nicotine poisoning in them. The symptoms of poisoning can show within fifteen minutes of consumption. 

Some of the symptoms of nicotine poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, high heart rate, elevated respiration, constricted pupils, tremors, excess drooling, weakness, seizures, etc. You need to be vigilant of these signs and immediately call your veterinarian or pet poison helpline. Any delay will mean the death of your beloved pet. 

Always Keep the Vape and Vape Juice out of Reach of Pets

Pets can be restless and throw and lick objects around the house. They could do the same with your vaping device, e-juice bottles, and associated accessories. It would inadvertently mean that they would lick and consume nicotine and put themselves in a life-risking situation. 

Because of the risk involved, you must always be extra careful in storing your vape device and accessories. They must always be stored out-of-reach of pets in a cupboard and space, preferably locked and at a height. Double-check and verify that the e-juice bottles are tightly closed, and there is no chance of any spill. 

Even when charging your vaporizer, it must be in a safe and closed-off environment so that your pets are safe from its heat and chemicals. Further, pets can ingest the batteries of the vapes as they are pretty small. The batteries can then burn the mouth, esophagus, and stomach of the pet and even cause ulcers. Generally, you need surgery to remove the batteries. Hence, you must always treat the vaping device as its associated elements as a threat to your pets and exercise double caution. 

Always Vape in a Well-Ventilated Room

Even if you are vaping with a nicotine-free e-juice, it would still be hazardous for your pets as the juice would still have a trace amount of nicotine. In a closed room, your pet would automatically inhale the vapors as a second-hand inhale.  It can cause health issues, especially respiratory problems in pets.  Vaping in a well-ventilated room with windows open would keep the room air fresh and help dilute the e-juice vapors present in the room. Furthermore, ensure that you are never blowing the vapor cloud on the face of your pet. 

Additionally, you can invest in an air purifier that will keep indoor air quality hygienic and safe for your pets and every member of your family. 

Vape Outdoors

There is nothing safer than vaping outdoors. If you have an outdoor space like a garden or a patio, there is nothing like it. Inside the house, you can also vape near the window to blow the vapor clouds outside the window. 

Most of us take our pets outside for a walk. It is perhaps the best time to vape, where you can coincide your vaping time with the pet’s potty time. It is safe as well as gives personal time to enjoy vaping to the hilt. 

Wrapping up 

Your pets are just like toddlers who cannot understand what is good and safe for them. Hence, it’s easy for them to put themselves in danger. You can effortlessly safeguard their life by being a vigilante vapor and following all rules for safe vaping around your beloved pets.

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