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Bathing your canine companion is perhaps the most challenging part of dog ownership. But you cannot expect to take it to a spa every time it needs a cleanup. Most pets hate water, and it is completely normal to find it hiding under the bed as you get your bathing supplies ready.

Thankfully, you can make a few adjustments in the bathing routine to make the animal comfortable and easy to manage. Here are some tips that can help if your pet hates the sight of water.

Consider the Weather

When you think of a reason for your pet hating water, it may be the cold weather. A tub full of cold water is the last thing it can handle during winter. Similarly, bathing it outdoors with a hose isn’t a great idea. The canine wouldn’t like it even on a reasonably warm day because hose water is cold. The situation causes anxiety for your pet, and you can expect it to hide. Moving the bath indoors and adjusting the water temperature are the simplest solutions to the problem.

Cushion the Tub Floor

While an indoor bath is a better alternative to an outdoor one, it can still be uncomfortable for the pet. The tub, sink, or shower stall feels unsteady. The dog will also feel uneasy on the slippery floor as you apply shampoo to its paws. You can curb the stress by cushioning the tub floor. Just place an old towel on the floor, and your furry friend will feel more secure and comfortable.

Have a Distraction in Place

The easiest way to do away with canine anxiety during a bath is by distracting it. Have its favorite water toy around to keep it busy. You can use a dog licking mat to smear peanut butter or a treat the animal loves to engage the animal while you clean it. The product is a good investment because it helps with better digestion and bloating issues. Finish the bath with a treat to keep the pet waiting for the next session. 

Avoid Using the Faucet or Showerhead

Dogs are often fearful of noise. The sound of water rushing through a faucet or showerhead can easily freak it out. If your pet hates to bathe, try skipping the noise by using a bucket and a mug for the job. Water running from the faucet or showerhead can gush in with much pressure, making the animal uneasy. You can pour it gently with your hand to prevent the uncomfortable feeling.

Talk Soothingly

When it comes to reducing dog anxiety, reassuring words from the owner can do wonders. Talk to the pet soothingly, touch it gently, and even comfort it with a song to help it relax. The animal will be a lot more obedient if you spare the rod and handle it gently. Use mild shampoo and cleaning products, and skip ones meant for humans as they can irritate the canine skin.

These simple measures can go a long way to make bathing a happy experience for your pet. If things still don’t seem to work, seek advice from a seasoned dog owner or trainer.

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