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Have fun in the sun this summer, and make sure that your dog is part of the adventure. Your furry friend will be happier by your side and their presence can bring smiles to everyone. Plan days that account for their needs and access to public spaces. You may be surprised by the number of places where you can take your dog around town and on the road. Think about the following options for making memories with your furry sidekick this summer.

1. Hotel Getaways

Include your dog in weekend getaways rather than boarding them while you are gone. Small dogs can fly with you, or you can go on a road trip. Hotels like the New Orleans Marriott list rules and fees for guests with dogs on their websites. Stay in the middle of the action and take your dog on exciting walks in a new city.

2. Swimming Holes

The summer heat can have a big impact on dogs. Going for a swim can help dogs to regulate their temperature, beat the boredom of staying indoors, and access canine joy. Go to your local dog-friendly lake or research custom pools Las Vegas to create a dog waterpark in your backyard. Bring your dog out on a boat for the full lake life experience and get them their own canine life vest.

3. Dog Parks

Your dog deserves a chance to socialize and make its own furry friends. Dog parks can be good spots for engaging in exuberant play and learning from the temporary pack environment. Cities maintain a variety of dog parks, from small fenced areas to large dog parks with no barriers. Check in with your vet about vaccinations before you take a young dog to socialize at the park.

4. Drive-In Movies

Indoor movie theaters aren’t open to pets, but drive-ins are making a comeback. This retro way of rolling up to watch a movie opens a world of possibilities. Bring your dog and keep them safe in your air-conditioned care or set up a blanket on the grass. Pack treats for them and popcorn for you!

5. Festivals

Summer festivals may allow dogs. Look at the websites for street festivals and music festivals to see if they have guidance about bringing dogs. Your dog can get dolled up in a cute bandana or costume and attract amused attention amidst the revelry. Find a spot of shade and give your dog water while you refuel, too.

6. Outdoor Cafes

Many people who work freelance or have remote jobs enjoy shaking up their days by trying new cafes and coffee shops. Bring your dog along to watch the interesting world go by as you write at an outdoor table. Some delightful spots have menu items for dogs, like homemade dog biscuits or whipped cream.

7. Ice Cream Parlors

The ultimate summer treat for dogs is ice cream. Trendy ice cream parlors sometimes offer dog-friendly ice cream flavors, like peanut butter. Reward your furry friend with a cool refreshment for being the best adventure buddy under the sun.

8. Trains

Train travel has become quite dog-friendly. Take dog-friendly routes on Amtrak for day trips or longer vacations. Note that you will have a dog when you secure your ticket and plan relief stops at one or two stations. Many dogs love to watch the world fly past the window and fall asleep to the rhythm of the tracks. Train travel can be more dog-friendly than flying because security is less involved, there are fewer long lines, and you frequently get to wait on outdoor platforms.

These are simply a handful of the options for including your dog in summer plans. Get creative and take amazing pictures of your outings!

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