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You’re a busy person, and you may not always have a lot of time to spend with your dog. You realize, however, that a bored dog can often end up a mischievous, even destructive, dog. So you need to find ways to keep your dog active and entertained even when you can’t be with it all the time, especially during the summer months. Read on for some ideas.

Plenty of Exercise

First, you’ll want to give your dog plenty of exercise. Make sure you (or a friend or family member) take your dog for a nice, long walk at least once a day. You might make some time in the morning before you leave for work or set aside a few minutes in the evening. Temperatures might be cooler then, and you’ll get some exercise as well. You might also fence in your yard or part of your yard as a play area. Make sure your dog has plenty of space to run around and work off energy.

Water Fun

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Most dogs love to swim, so give your pup some opportunities for water fun during the summer. This might mean some trips to the lake, or you could get a kiddie pool for your dog’s play area. Maybe, though, you’ve already been considering adding a pool to your yard. Your dog will enjoy this just as much as the rest of the family will. Begin by making up a budget so that you know how much you can spend. Then hire reputable pool builders in Ft. Worth. You might just end up with the pool of your dreams, and your dog’s dreams, too.

Interactive Toys

Toys are a must for an active, well-entertained dog. Provide plenty of options. You might, for instance, purchase a puzzle toy and fill it with food. Your dog will have a wonderful time pushing it around and figuring out the best way to release treats. You might also build a digging box in your dog’s outdoor play area. Bury some toys in it, and let your dog dig around to find them. Provide a large assortment of balls, squeaky toys and other offerings as well, and pay attention to your pup’s preferences.

Extra Training

Does your dog need some extra training or obedience skills? Now might be a good time to work on that. You could enroll your pooch in obedience training or just come up with some commands or tricks you can teach on your own. Don’t make training sessions too long. A ten-minute session a few times a day is much better than a daily longer session. Focus on impulse control and reliable recall skills along with commands like stay, sit and roll over. Your dog will be interested, engaged and perhaps even more obedient.

Play Dates

Make sure the dogs playing tug-o-war are the same size and strength for maximum play factor.

Dogs are often social animals who enjoy being around other dogs. You can keep your dog active and entertained by setting up regular play dates with the pooches of your friends and neighbors. If the dogs don’t know each other, introduce them carefully, and monitor them for a while to make sure they get off to a good start. Otherwise, meet at one of your homes or a dog park, and let the dogs run and play. They’ll have a great time, and they might even meet some other canine friends at the dog park. What’s more, they’ll probably be so tired that they’ll head home for a nice long nap afterward.

Doggie Daycare

Finally, if you must be away from home a lot and don’t have enough space for your dog to run and play outdoors, you might consider doggie daycare at least a couple times per week. Do some research online, and read reviews for several possibilities. Then visit a couple doggie daycare centers to see if they would be a good fit for you and your pet. Choose one that seems to work well, and see how your dog responds.

An active, entertained dog is also a healthy, engaged pet, so try some of these tips, and keep your dog busy this summer.

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