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Dogs are the most loving creatures, and people keep the cutest dog breeds in their homes to have good company and fun in their life.The bond between a dog and a human is very precious because it has purity and love. Dogs are naturally inclined towards humans because they love the give and take of affection.They crave human love but are also super loving in returning the same amount of care and affection. Dogs are one of the most loyal pets because they never give up on love and spend their whole life taking care of the person who brings them home.

When you bring a dog home, you take responsibility for his life and health. You have to give them a loving and caring environment where they can grow and nourish.  The concept of Lets Love Pets is about providing a comfortable environment for your pets and treating them with equal respect and love. According to this concept, if you purchase a dog pet, it is your responsibility to take care of its health and life.

Dogs are not problematic pets, but they face some health issues, and breaking their nails is one of them. It is a painful process, and you will see your dog in extreme pain if they tear or break their nails.  Breaking a nail is not normal for dogs, because they grow through a lot of pain. Therefore, never neglect your pet in this situation and take the matter seriously.

Why do nails break?

Nail tearing and breaking is a common problems observed in dogs. But what is the reason behind it?  Well, the research and study show that it is a part of the process, and you should cut their nails on time. Longer nails are more prone to breakage because they easily get stuck in carpets and other surfaces and break during the process.  Dogs are active pets, and they love to jump and play. While jumping or playing, the chance of breaking nails is high. So, to avoid the excess nail breaking is to cut them on time. Also, stay around them when they are playing and jumping to remove hurdles that come in their way.

Why do they require immediate attention?

If your puppy breaks its nails, it is essential to give them immediate attention because the nails are a central collection of blood vessels.

If you do not provide immediate care, the blood vessel wall is damaged quickly, and it will lead to bone issues. Quick is the central collection of veins and blood vessels covered with a layer of keratin?

Keratin is a hard structure, but the blood vessels and veins are not, and to protect them, it is necessary to give immediate first aid to your dog.

What to do if your dog breaks its nails?

If something like this happens, here are the tips that you can follow to handle the matter sensibly

Restrain your dog safely 

When your dog breaks its nails, the first thing is to protect the nail. When they are in pain, they bite and scratch the area of injury, and it is more dangerous.

So, immobilize them with a hug and secure their legs in your hand to restrain them from touching. It will prevent further damage and will also make him feel secure.

Control bleeding

The second step is to control bleeding, as excess bleeding is also a threat. For this purpose, wrap their foot in a towel or gauze. When you wrap their feet, it adds pressure and stops the bleeding process.

You can purchase a towel or gauze for emergencies, and in case they are not available use floor or baking powder to cover their nail with it.

It is a natural way of controlling bleeding, and you can use them in an emergency. But it is preferable to purchase the first aid kit on the safe hand. The kit consists of both the towel and gauze.

Remove the damaged part

When you see that the bleeding has stopped completely, remove the broken part of the nail. It will protect the inner structures as the broken nails can cause pinching and irritation.

have to do it carefully because it is a bit painful for your dog and requires a lot of security. The best way to remove the damaged part is to trim the silver lining of the nails with clippers.

If you see that you are not able to do it with clippers at home, visit a vet as early as possible. Get the damaged part removed on time to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Protect the nail from infection

In the last step, you have to cover the nail with a bandage and apply medicines to avoid infection. If you keep the injury open, you provide a warm welcome to infections. So, cover it with a bandage and apply some medicines to control pain and infection. And then let it heal with time.

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