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Dogs love being able to frolic around outside, so creating a backyard space for your dog’s pleasure isn’t out of the question. Allowing your dog to run around and play in the backyard will help it burn calories and energy. Additionally, having activities available will keep your pooch mentally stimulated. If you add these perks together, you’ll end up with one happy dog. Here are some things you can do to turn your yard into a pup-approved playground.

Put Up a Fence

Make sure your dog stays in your yard by installing a fence. Dogs that are trusted to remain in a yard without a fence are liable to get distracted and go elsewhere. Simply catching an appealing scent or seeing other animals are possible reasons your dog might decide to explore the neighborhood. Going off without your supervision is particularly dangerous. Your pup could get hit by a car or get lost. The only way to keep your pooch safe is to put a fence around the yard.

Since a fence will be something your dog has never seen before, it’s important to stay outside and monitor your pup’s behavior. If your dog starts to dig holes in an attempt to get out, nip this behavior in the bud immediately.

Add a Pool

If you and your dog love swimming, consider purchasing a pool. Perhaps you think you can’t bear the expense of a pool, but don’t give up so easily. Look into getting an affordable pool loan so you can enjoy a cool dip on a hot summer day.

If you get a pool, keep your pup’s safety the number one priority. Installing a fence or deck around the swimming pool will ensure your dog won’t be able to get in the water without your assistance. Dogs should never be allowed to swim (even in a kiddie pool) without their pet parents watching them. Dogs can drown in shallow or deep water.

Puppies, dogs that are new to swimming and older dogs are all good candidates for wearing life jackets. A life jacket will let your dog take a break from paddling anywhere in the pool without sinking. Life jackets can save dogs’ lives if they’re too tired to try and get out of the pool and require their owners’ assistance.

Make a Place to Dig

Dogs naturally like to dig. If you don’t want your dog making random holes in the yard, garden or by the fence, add a sandbox to appease your pup’s digging desires. If you want to add a fun twist, hide treats or toys in the sand and encourage your dog to dig for them.

Set Up Fun Equipment

Dogs love to play as much as children. By adding the right equipment to your backyard, your dog will want to play for hours. Some popular ideas are tunnels, hoops, slides, tug-of-war toys and dog sprinklers.

While you’ll have to purchase some items, you won’t have to break the bank. You can make some equipment with things you have around the house. For example, use tires to make a tunnel or a series of small tunnels for your dog to run through. Find unused plastic pipe to create a hoop to leap through or hurdle to jump over.

Provide the Essentials

Make sure your dog has a filled water bowl and somewhere to go for shade. After all of the playing, your pooch will need a hydration break and a place to lounge.

Having these things is especially important in hot weather when your dog is at risk for heatstroke. If possible, put the water bowl beside the designated cool-down spot so your pooch doesn’t have far to go. Use a cooling mat or an elevated pet bed to cool your pup down fast, or try offering your pooch a frozen toy.

Setting up a puppy paradise in the backyard isn’t a far-fetched idea if you want your pet to have the best life you can offer. Seeing your dog have fun on a daily basis is bound to bring you endless amounts of joy.

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