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Dogs are said to be man’s best friend for many reasons. They are loyal, protective, cuddly and quickly become a significant part of the family. The love and bond you feel towards a new puppy will become lasting. This sweet, furry pal will love you unconditionally, so be prepared to care for them in the best ways possible.

1. Calm

Our furry friends love spending time with us. Spending extended periods of time away from your pup can be upsetting for them and can even cause separation anxiety. Introducing calming techniques for your pet can help lower their anxiety and stress. You may even consider trying cbd oil for its calming effects.

2. Exercise

Physical activity is a wonderful habit to add to your routine. A walk each morning and night, if feasible, is a critical way to keep your dog healthy, fit and active. Plus, the time spent on walks can be good for bonding. Daily exercise will benefit you and your dog. Weight management, improved overall health and enhanced mood are all perks both you and your pooch may notice.

Another form of exercise is playing fetch. Swimming or running together are fantastic alternatives. These exercises will keep your pup healthy, facilitate bonding and help burn up extra energy. Playing and tiring out your energetic furball can also improve their behavior in the house. Often, with pent-up energy, the animal is more curious or potentially more destructive. Using exercise as an outlet for pent-up energy will benefit your pup and you in multiple ways.

3. Safety

Puppies are very curious creatures. They love to explore, sniff new scents and will get into just about anything that they can. It is imperative to make your house as safe as possible for your four-legged friend. Aside from locking all cabinets with chemicals and toxins, you should also check for long cords and other strangulation or choking hazards. It may be helpful to use gates to block off certain areas of your home. A fence can be extremely helpful for protecting your dog from car traffic or getting loose.

4. Diet

The food and treats you feed your dog can greatly impact overall health, energy levels and many other areas. Choose a food that is nutritious with natural ingredients. Proper nutrients, quality of ingredients, taste and a formula for growth should all influence your decision. Your veterinarian can suggest a brand for you if you are unsure of which one to choose. When you feed your dog before you leave for work, cbd for dogs can also help calm them while you are gone.

5. Vet Visits

Regular veterinary visits are an essential piece of forming healthy habits for your dog. The vet will perform regular exams to ensure proper growth and well-being, as well as administer appropriate vaccinations and even clean their teeth. Spaying or neutering options will also be explained. The vet will also prescribe heartworm, flea and tick prevention medicines.

6. Grooming

Regular bathing, grooming and nail filing can help to keep your puppy healthy. Animals can track dirt and germs on their paws, so paying attention to nail length and paw hygiene can help keep your pet and your household cleaner and healthier. Brush your dog regularly to help their coat grow, decrease grease levels and remove old hairs. Matted hairs can be very painful to the dog’s skin. Regular brushing and grooming can help to prevent matting.

From day one, your new dog will become a steadfast part of your life. It would be helpful if you prepared for your new pal before you even bring them home. This includes finding a vet, doggie-proofing your house and purchasing the necessary supplies to keep your dog healthy and entertained. A new puppy requires a lot of time and attention, but you can prepare ahead of time and establish a routine to make it easier. You will love this new addition to your family profoundly, so be sure to do all you can to keep this loving pup healthy and happy.

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