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A bark bark here and a bark bark there

By August 14, 2012March 26th, 2015No Comments

Here a bark. There a bark. Everywhere at New York Dog Nanny a bark bark. Does your pup elicit barking akin to a baby’s crying? Do you find yourself on occasion wondering what is up with my dog finding his voice, and ahem, using it? Well, you my friend, are joining the millions of other NYC dog owners throughout Manhattan (and the other boroughs) who face what I like to call the terrible twos. Because, is there every just one bark? No.

Barks many times are indicators to their owners (and other dogs) to signal to them- hey, this is what’s going it. It can mean anything from, “Back off” to “Whose there?” or “I’m boooored”. Dogs communicate in a number of different ways, so it’s important to really get to know your pup’s communication style, lifestyle and what barking may mean for you and your little barker.

Just like kids and people, there are a myriad of different personalities that dogs have. Dogs are shy, reticent, playful, happy, eager, anxious and a host of other emotions and personality types depending on the time of day, age, breed and also amount of socializing they did as a pup through the two key socialization periods- age 5 and 8 months respectively. If your dog is a barker, and anxiety or boredom are a probably cause (you work 8 hours per day, your dog doesn’t listen to the radio/tv, have some toys or activity or two to do during the day), then boredom can be a factor. Here’s the good part: How to mitigate the boredom and anxiety to reduce the barking. Remember: Barking= symptom. Contributions to barking: boredom, anxiety, and stress.

Here are a few ways to engage your dog to combat barking. Play hide and seek throughout the apartment. It will stimulate their minds as hunters. Dance together. You both can shake what your mama gave you by dancing around the apartment together. It will get your dog to move around (and burn some calories) and also a chance to jam to the latest top 40 hit. Throw a grounder, a fly ball or fake a bunt with Fido. A dogs mind will be much for active as he/she tries to anticipate where the ball is going to land.


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