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Bark to School, A time for Dog Obediance and Training

By August 29, 2012March 26th, 2015No Comments

It’s officially bark to school season for pups near and far and there’s no better way to vamp up your pup’s mental readiness than with a trainer or a new activity per week. Did you know that dogs that are mentally engaged (aka not bored) are less likely to pace, have anxiety and depression? Prevent the blues and the boredom with cool new ways to interact with your NYC dog: how about balancing a treat on the dog’s nose? Or perhaps beat the blues with Piano lessons. Still living the Olympic dream in London? Try a workout with an Olympian flare: Try teaching your NYC pooch the Michael Phelps “crawl stroke” or perhaps host a “speed walking medal challenge” with you and your pup if you’re not up for the 100 meter dash with Fido. Perhaps the gymnastic routine has your pup in the mood for a balancing act on the coffee table or in agility training at your local doggie daycare.


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