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Beautiful Dog Chambers, Soft Beds…and Bed Hogs

By September 13, 2012March 26th, 2015No Comments

Who took hogged all the blankets and the left side of bed is not an uncommon question at our dog boarding facility in Kips Bay. Dogs here really enjoy the creature comforts of a Bed n breakfast while their owners saunter off to islands, the shore and yes, the Hamptons. 80% of the four leggeds that cross through our front door have never been inside of a crate or in a typical kennel. That’s because New Yorkers don’t believe in typical caging kennels which is great, because if your dog is up for cuddling with a fellow dog friend (safety in numbers), then sounds like its sleepaway camp with a twist. Doggy daycare also allows for plenty of naps be it under the couch, in a cozy corner or even behind the counter.


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