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Pet food from retail stores is an option to provide food for our pets. However, it isn’t easy to trust brands when we don’t know how they make the food. It can especially be difficult when you hear so many stories of these brands creating food with inferior ingredients. Therefore, many people opt to provide fresh food that they make themselves.

However, providing pets with foods that provide them with all the nutrition they require is challenging, especially if they are picky with their choices. We are here to provide you with an unlikely option that you wouldn’t have thought fit for consumption for pets. It is cannabis sativa hemp, or marijuana, for short. Before you dismiss this, you need to hear us out. This article will talk about the benefits of hemp in cat and dog food.

What Forms is Hemp Available In, and Is It Safe for Pets?

Before we dive into the benefits, it is first necessary to understand what forms hemp is available in. Hemp is available in three forms that are fit for consumption by cats and dogs. These are: 

  • Hemp seed oil
  • Hemp hearts
  • Hemp oil

Each of these has substances associated with hemp in different compositions. However, the main question is that will these products make your pet high? The answer is that no, it will not. This is because these products contain little to no THC (only 0.3%), which is responsible for the ‘high’ that you associate marijuana with. Therefore, your pets will be able to get the great benefits of hemp without any psychotic effects. In the rest of the article, we will discuss the benefits.

High in Protein

Hemp seed oil is packed with all the essential amino acids required by the body. Amino acids are considered the building blocks of protein, and therefore, the hemp seed oil is an excellent source of protein for your cat or dog. It is to be noted that hemp seed oil can’t fulfill your pets’ dietary needs solely, but it can pair nicely with other foods. In this way, hemp can be an excellent protein source for your cat or dog.

Full of Beneficial Fats

As you may well know, fats are an essential part of our dietary needs and are necessary for many of our body functions. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are a type of fat that is important for both cats and dogs. The great thing about hemp seed oil and hemp hearts is that their fat composition is full of PUFAs. They also have the ideal omega-6 and omega-3 fats ratio that provides many health benefits. Primarily, this ratio can help reduce inflammation that can prevent many diseases and disorders.

Anxiety Relief

Cats and dogs, just like humans, are prone to fears and anxieties. This may especially be the case if your pet has been rescued from an abusive household or the street. Hemp has been known to provide relief from anxiety for humans, which is the case for dogs and cats. You can give them hemp products that comfort them from chronic pain. So if fireworks are going on outside and your pet has anxiety attacks, hemp products are a great way to get some relief. You can find various hemp products from certain pet stores for pet consumption.

Antioxidant Properties

Hemp contains natural compounds high in antioxidants which play a vital role in your pet’s health. Antioxidants prevent reactive oxygen species produced by your body from damaging your cells and tissues by binding to them. Antioxidants can also prevent your bed’s body from being harmed by certain compounds that may be present in food. They can also help decrease the risk of diseases like cancer.

The Bottom Line

Providing your pet with the proper nourishment can be challenging due to the lack of options available, especially if your pet is picky. Hemp is a great option to add to your cat or dog’s diet, as it provides them with a lot of benefits and does not make them high. We have discussed some of the main health benefits to show you how they can enhance your pet’s health. We hope this article proves insightful and has appropriately introduced you to this dietary option.

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