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Top 10 Low Maintenance Dogs for College Students

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After a long day of classes and clubs, sometimes you just want to plop down on the couch with your favorite Netflix show. But sometimes living alone in the comfort of your apartment makes you miss having a dog! 

There are plenty of low-maintenance dogs, who are ready to go with you through all college years. Whether you are working on some urgent essay writing service and your client is asking for revisions again and again. Your favorite pet is always there to tell you that You’ve made it! 


List of Best and Low Maintenance Dogs for Students:

You’re going to college and it’s finally time to find that doggie to keep you company on those long nights studying and writing papers! Picking a dog can be hard, but these dogs would not cost you much. They don’t require a lot of work and they are easy to maintain on a budget. In fact, this would be your main character to choose in descriptive essay examples

  • Chihuahua: 

These dogs love being around people, even other pets. They are very playful and energetic and will keep you entertained for hours. 


  • They are easy to train and housebreak, and they can live in an apartment with minimum exercise.
  • You can also easily sneak them into class with you!
  • Also, they don’t require a big yard. 
  • These dogs have been bred as companions to humans and not as working animals, so they are friendlier than other dogs.
  • Chihuahua’s are very loyal and friendly to their owners and will get along with cats or other dogs. 
  • Although Chihuahuas like to play outside, they do enjoy spending time inside on your lap or sitting next to you watching TV or just hanging out with you.


  • Yorkshire Terrier: 


The Yorkie is the perfect dog for someone who hates to clean up after their pet because they require very little grooming. 

  • They don’t eat too much – Yorkies are small dogs and are likely to only need a can of dog food per day or two.
  • They don’t need frequent grooming – Yorkshire Terriers don’t shed that much and brushing weekly will be enough.
  • They are easy to train – Yorkies are smart dogs and therefore are very easy to train to do many things, like all dogs.
  • They don’t need a big space – A small apartment will be okay for them, but be sure to give them exercise outside every day.
  • They are not very expensive – You’ll get an amazing pet that won’t ruin your wallet or your house!
  • American Cocker Spaniel: 

These dogs are house dogs, so they’re great if you live in an apartment or dorm room. They are also very good with children because they love to play and get along well with others. 

  • Another good aspect of the cocker spaniel is that they don’t shed much at all, compared to other breeds of dog.
  • Tail-wagging, loyal, playful, affectionate and happy, American Cockers do not need a lot of room to run around in. 
  • They love their owners and will follow them everywhere. 
  • They are also very clean and can get along well with other pets if they are brought up with them from puppy-hood.
  • These dogs like to walk a lot and play with toys, they can also be trained in tricks.
  • If you want one of these dogs then you should know that they can live up to 13 years old
  • Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the tallest breeds of dogs and it’s nicknamed the gentle giant. It’s calm, friendly, and loyal with children, strangers, and other animals. It is an elegant dog but with a powerful build of muscles that need regular workouts to stay in shape. 

  • Because this breed loves to exercise, it’s perfect for the active student who enjoys long runs or bike rides. 
  • Irish wolfhounds should be trained from puppyhood for them to become well-behaved dogs. 
  • When trained properly, this breed makes an excellent family pet as well as a guard dog because of its protective nature.
  • Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a very small breed, which can make them easier to handle than larger breeds. They have a silky coat, which does not require much grooming, and their eyes do not produce many tears so they do not need eye drops or face rinses. Their fur also does not mat easily.


  • They are not very big and grow anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds, which is ideal for a small apartment or a dormitory room.
  • Easy to groom and the coat size and shedding level is adequate for any season.
  • Their life span ranges from 12 to 15 years, which is great for those who want a long-term commitment with their pet.
  • They are very intelligent and can be trained as early as 6 to 8 weeks old. This makes them perfect for novice dog trainers or owners who want to take the time to train their pet.
  • Shih Tzu are very sociable, they love being around people at all times. This makes them good companions if you go away on work or on vacation since they can tolerate being left alone for short periods of time.

6. Havanese

Havanese dogs are known for being docile, quiet, and affectionate, but they are also sensitive and will let you know when they do not like something. 

  • They make good companions for people with allergies, as they rarely shed their coats and do not drool or bark excessively. 
  • Although Havanese dogs require minimal exercise, they need lots of human contact and thrive on learning new tricks and commands. 
  • They have a relatively large vocabulary compared to other breeds of dogs.
  • They are less aggressive towards other dogs and get along well with other pets too.
  • You can play with them often in the backyard and they will be happy staying inside all day if you want them to.


  • Dogo Argentino: 


This breed is not very popular in the United States but it is popular in Europe where it was developed. The name of this dog breed comes from the country where it was developed, which is Argentina. 

  • Tail-wagging, bright eyes, and a flexible body are some of the characteristics of this dog breed. Most of all, this dog breed doesn’t bark often, which makes it an ideal companion for students living in a hostel or in a rented house.
  • Besides, their light shed and short coat make them easy to maintain. A healthy diet and daily exercise will keep them fit.
  • Dogo Argentino dogs are very calm, composed and ready to face any kind of situation that comes their way. 
  • Affenpinscher: 


These dogs have a sturdy body frame with an alert expression on their face which makes them look like an alert monkey or fox. 

  • Affenpinscher can make friends with people easily because of their friendly nature, but they are possessive about their toys and will not let everyone play with their things.
  • If you are looking for an apartment dog that does not need much training, Affenpinscher is right for you!
  • They are low-shedding, but they will shed seasonally, so grooming isn’t a hassle.
  • Poodles:


Poodles are highly intelligent and easy to train, making them a great choice for busy college students. Poodles were bred to be hunters and tend to be very energetic. They require a lot of grooming, but their hair is low-shedding.


  • Despite their high energy, poodles are extremely good-natured and make excellent companions. 
  • They are affectionate towards their owners but reserved around strangers. This makes them a good choice for a student living in an apartment who doesn’t have time to train a dog.
  • Poodles shed very little, especially compared to most other breeds with long coats!
  • Grooming your poodle will help it stay cool in the warmer months and keep it warm in the cold winter months.
  • Teddy Bear:


The teddy bear is highly recommended for college students. 

  • It is one of the lowest maintenance breeds, only requiring moderate exercise and lots of snuggle time. 
  • The teddy bear is also very intelligent, so it will be easy to train, and it loves its family.
  • This breed has a lot of energy, though, so be prepared to take them on long walks or runs every day. 



Having a dog around the house is undoubtedly a good idea when you live alone, no matter how old you are. But not all dogs are suitable for students. Being a college student means varying schedules and constantly being on the move. You can’t worry about the dog while you’re in class, in the library, or at work. 

If you love dogs as much as we do, you’re always looking for the best option for a dog. Consider some of the dogs listed above. They are all wonderful choices for a low-maintenance dog for an urban setting or the country. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

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