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How to Choose a Dog Groomer

By August 13, 2011March 26th, 2015No Comments

Your pooch needs a haircut.

When your dog needs more than a bath, it’s time for a visit to a professional groomer. But not just any professional groomer. A groomer that’s competent enough to get the job done properly, safely and with minimal discomfort to your baby. There are various steps to choosing the right groomer.


1. Get recommendations from friends, relatives, a veterinarian’s office, pet supply store or animal rescue.
2. Check online or in the yellow pages under “Pet Grooming” or read reviews on Yelp.
3. Inquire over the phone as to how long the establishment has been in business, if the groomer is licensed, how many years of experience, as well as the extent of their experience with your type of dog. You might also inquire if they are a member of a professional grooming organization such as National Dog Groomers Association of America. Many states also have this type of organization.
4. Find out the services they offer and their prices. Make sure what exactly is included in the price. Mobile groomers that come to your home generally charge more.
5. Visit the facility and make sure it looks and smells clean, is well lit and that the pets are handled gently. You can get a better feel by talking to the groomer directly, asking questions and expressing your concerns. For instance, your dog may tend to get agitated by the blow-drying process. Ask how this type of situation is handled.
6. Ask if they are accepting new clients and how long the average wait is to get an appointment. Certain salons cater to walk-in clients by having additional staff, such as bathers assisting the groomer.

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