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Columbus Explore Day Stroll (East Side)

By October 14, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

nyc dog explorer

Are you and Fido the only ones with Columbus Day off? Maybe it’s time to hit up the east side for once if you’re true to the west side, or perhaps… you’d like to pay homage to the man attributed to discovering America. Regardless to where you land on that political debate, one thing can’t be denied…the love of exploration can be both fun and exciting (and we’re not just talking about for Fido). Follow our Columbus Day Explore Stroll Tour through the East Village and see if there 2-3 hours don’t do wonders for you and your pup.

8:00:  Start your day with a coffee or herbal tea from the Union Square Green Market.  Fido may even be able to pick up a locally raised bone to chew on depending on if the meat vendor is there. Pick up some local veggies or pastries and enjoy the apple cidar and/or cidar donuts, yum! Head southbound on 1st Ave.

8:40: Wander down to Thompson Square Park and let Fido get his jog on…you can finish your pasteries that you’ve hidden in your purse and eat guilt free while Fido plays in the dog run.  A meal outdoors is a meal saved when you have a dog.

9:40: Did you wear heals or get rained out because of this fickle weather? Well, a little shoe shopping never hurt nobody.  Check out this family owned and operated East Village gem Foot Gear Plus where they have cute kicks and rain proof shoes. Oh and if you’re looking to get that dreadful feeling that the winter coming and you still haven’t cleaned your uggs, browse around for some new winter shoes and get inspired to clean em’ or toss ’em.  

10:00: Be GREEN and explorer at Sustainable NYC.  They have awesome pieces and house accessories that you won’t want to miss. Feel about about using all those non-eco poop bags?  Looking for a new yoga mat that does right by the environment, then you and Fido will love this spot.  Or perhaps you just need a card for a birthday or two coming up! There’s something for everyone.

10:30: Did someone say early brunch?  Cafe Pick me up is a winner!  You and Fido can dine outside and with friends (non furry), but furry is good to.  At least put your name down on the list, brunch lines shouldn’t be too bad on a Monday right?

If 5 spots wasn’t enough for you…we encourage you to explore around some more! There’s lots of cute spots in the east village that are dog friendly.






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