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Your Daily Manhattan Dog Walk Routine

By July 13, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

Is every day like ground hogs day for your Manhattan pooch?  Well, that sucks. Why not give your dog’s routine a new do!  Here are some of the ways we like to encourage NYC dog parents on how to add some juice to their dogs energy and give Fido a mental high five! <b>

1. Do you normally walk solo with your pup? Get a walking buddy! Chances are your routine is the same as someone else in your building. Why not avoid that PM itis with a 30 minute dog walk around the old hood? <b>

2. Speaking of ‘hoods, as NYCers it’s convenient to stick to our little 5 block radius.  Convenient yes, but walking the same route is cryptoninte to your Manhattan pup’s mental and physical needs to be the happy explorers they are. So throw Fido a bone and explore a new neighborhood once a week or so. <b>

3.  Take your pup off leash.  Dogs like people love to be outdoors and see a tree or step in some grass. NYC dog parks and other city parks are off leash every morning before 9am and after 9pm. Take advantage.<b>

4. Go to a dog-friendly spot. There are plenty of ’em around the city.  Just check out Yelp! <b>

5. Take your dog to the pet store once a week to buy a treat!


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