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They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but if you really think about it, it turns out that Mr. Doggo is actually a member of the family. Although some dogs are allowed in the house, they still need a special place of their own.

Here, they can spend all the quiet time they may need, nice and curled up in a comfy bed.

That’s why we’ll share some insights on how to build an amazing dog house right in your backyard. Here are some key considerations, as well as some tips and tricks that will make this DIY project significantly easier.

Find the Right Spot

You can decide on either an indoor or an outdoor type of doggy house for your furry friend. An indoor house is usually more fitting for smaller breeds that spend most of the time with the family. Large breeds, on the other hand, and especially those that spend plenty of time outdoors are in need of an outdoor home.

So, ideally, you should place your outdoor doggy house in a spot that’s well protected from weather conditions by shrubs or bushes, but avoid building a house under trees. These can pose a serious threat in case of any extreme weather conditions. Also avoid places where there’s too much sunshine, as the last ting you want is your fur baby overheating.

Instead, find a nice shaded area and make sure you even insulate the doggy house with solutions you can find at insulation4less, so that your furry friend is always cozy and comfortable while spending time in their new home.

Take the Right Measures

The size of the dog house you’re about to build will depend on the size of your dog.

It has to be large enough to provide your dog with enough space to move around freely but, at the same time, it needn’t be too big. If the house is too big, your doggo will have difficult time keeping it warm during colder months, which isn’t really something you should aim at.

The house should also be big enough for your dog to be able to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. Moreover, make sure you also install doors but keep them open, so that they can provide additional protection against the rain, snow, wind and sun.

The doors should be as tall as your dog’s shoulders and wider than your dog by only a couple of inches. However, if your doggo is still a puppy, make sure you assess the measures according to the standard adult size of your dog’s breed.

Decide on The Type of the House

Now that you’ve already measured how big the house should be, you will need to decide on the type of the house you wish to create.

There are many manufacturers of pre-made dog houses that are ready to use. But if you really wish to DIY this project from start to finish, those will simply not be an option.

A wooden patio in front of the house will mean a lot to your dog. It has to be just big enough for your dog to lie down and enjoy watching the family gathering if they don’t feel like socializing at the moment, or rest in nice warm sunshine when the weather is not too hot.

Another suggestion is to add some poles to the base of the house and lift it off the ground, and even consider installing a detachable roof you can lift up in summertime so that the air can circulate and make the house feel fresher.

Consider The Foundation

It is very important to make proper foundation on which the dog house will be placed. You don’t want your dog’s home to get wet in case of hard rain or heavy snow.

Of course, proper foundation will prevent this from happening. And if you lift the house off the ground, you’ll easily avoid such issues, but you’ll need to remember to clear out bult-up snow from underneath the house regularly, to prevent it from unnecessarily cooling off the base.

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