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Summer is finally here, and as a dog groomer, you surely have your hands full. From dogs that have had some beach fun and now are in desperate need of some shampooing, to those whose hair needs to be cut shorter due to the heat, your salon has seen it all. Since summer can be a really busy season, make sure you get your grooming place ready on time. Here are some tips that will help you prepare your salon for the upcoming chaos. 

Keep Your Clients Well Informed

Have you considered putting pamphlets in your salon with all the info on summer grooming practices? This way your customers will know when it is time to bring their pet in for some beauty treatments, and also will understand why you are grooming their four-legged buddy in a specific way. Some dogs need to have their coat brushed more often during the summer or otherwise they will overheat, while others need to have their coat cut shorter. Inform your customers on time, and your life will be easier. 

Make Sure the Place is Spotless

Before everything becomes hectic, find time to scrub your salon from floor to ceiling. Later on, you won’t have time for a thorough cleaning, so roll up those sleeves! Furthermore, keeping your salon spotless will help you keep your old clients and even get some new ones. Also, an organized workspace will even boost your productivity. If you are too busy to clean this place by yourself, you can always hire commercial cleaning services and let them do everything for you. With their help, you will not only maintain a clean but also a healthy working environment.

Restock Your Essentials

Some fur types can cause more issues during the summer than others, so make sure you have all the shampoos you will need to keep your furry clients happy. For instance, dogs with double coat can easily overheat during the summer, so make sure you have your de-shedding shampoo ready. Those with shorter coats and smooth coats can suffer from dry and itchy skin when temperatures get high. Therefore, make sure you have in stock products that will rehydrate their skin and help them combat dryness. Soft brushes are also a good choice when you are grooming dogs with dry skin. If you are going to be dealing with mischievous pups who like to get dirty, you better have a deep-cleaning shampoo in your collection as well. Also, be sure to have a fumigation pack on standby just in case, and flea season won’t become a nightmare.

Get That Awesome Summer Scent

Fragrance sprays for dogs come in a wide range of scents, but since summer is here, make sure you have a fresh, zingy scent for your furry clients. End your grooming session with a touch of summery spray, and their owners will be thrilled!

Find Comfortable Clothing

As if summer days are not hot enough, your upcoming days will be filled with blow drying, warm water, and thick fur. To keep yourself as comfortable as possible in your workplace during these upcoming months make sure you have the proper gear. For instance, get a sleeveless waistcoat that will protect your clothes and still keep you cool during the heat wave. 

A clean salon and great service are a winning combo when it comes to dog grooming. Dog owners want what’s best for their pets, and by following these tips you can easily stand out from the crowd. Educate your customers, have your salon professionally cleaned, restock those shampoos and other essentials, and welcome summer completely prepared for whatever the heat throws your way. 

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